Another Fun Christmas-y Weekend!

We went to the cookie making party on Thursday and found out that the day had changed to Friday. I was so disappointed. My mom didn’t read the announcement carefully!! So we went again on Friday. I was very excited because I knew I would see lots of friends. My mom thinks I was more focused on seeing friends than on making cookies. She had to help me roll out the dough. My hands on the rolling pin didn’t do anything so she used her hands to make it roll the dough out. I cut out star cookies and put them on the baking tray.

My mom finished her tray really fast and then sent it off to the oven. She helped me a little with my tray and then I was all done. Then we got to do the fun decorating part. I was watching for friends and not paying too much attention. I squirted the frosting all over except on the cookies. So my mom took over the frosting job and I sprinkled the sprinkles. I was looking at people not cookies so the sprinkles did not go onto the cookie. My mom just turned the cookie upside down and put the cookie on the sprinkles! So it all worked out. I got to see lots of friends and the cookies looked great. It was really fun!

Saturday morning I went to Yoga class and I forgot my phone! I did not call my mom to pick me up. I just waited. And I waited. She came! She did not see me. She was asking the attendant about me when she turned and saw me. Silly mom. I was waiting for her to pick me up. `Mathalia! First you call me and then you wait. And if you don’t have your phone, you can ask for help. You have got to learn to ask for help when something like this happens!’  I knew she would come and she did!

At home I was very quick with lunch and changing my clothes for The Nutcracker. We were on time picking up my friend, McKenzie. I love going to The Nutcracker every year.

At the Nutcracker!

At the Nutcracker!

On Sunday I went to the Bell Choir Concert with Grandpa and Uncle Jeff. I saw lots of friends and I got to try ringing the bells again. I used to play in Junior Bells but we don’t have Junior Bells anymore. The concert was really nice. I liked `Joy to the World.’

After the concert, Uncle Jeff wanted to see my chickens. He thought the chicken coop was really cool. He liked the heat lamp that turns on when it gets really cold and turns off when it is warm. He thought the electricity could also be used for a radio or a T.V. for the chickens! Silly Uncle Jeff. He thought it was very cool that sometimes I collect 6 eggs a day. He is hoping to take some home with him to Phoenix. I wonder if they would let eggs go through security. Funny Uncle Jeff.

4 thoughts on “Another Fun Christmas-y Weekend!

  1. Hi Matalian, Wow! That was a quick entry. I just saw you at the Hand bell concert at our church and now I’m reading about your being there with your Grandpa and Uncle Jeff. It was so nice to see them both, as well as you and your Mom!!! It is always good to see you two at different events that we also go to. I wish you a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS! Love, Gingy

    • Dear Gingy,
      Yes, it was quick. I wanted to write a blog post about my fun weekend. My mom helped me which was nice of her. I am grateful. I like to see at the concert. Have a good trip and Merry Christmas.

    • Dear Debbie, i went to the Christmas eve service with mom and dad. I will watched Sense and Sensibility with matthan. The deer was so sad very hurts don’t hit car. The car hit deer. It was so sad! From, Mathalia

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