Chickens: Moving Day!

Still lots to do before the chickens could move in. Grandpa came over to make a roost, another storage cupboard with the water trays at the bottom, the feeder and the heat lamp. Most of the time I stayed in the house and did my own thing. Sometimes I peeked out the window to see what he and my mom were doing. Sometimes I came out to take pictures.

But on Griz-Cat game day, I brought my work outside so that I could be closer to the action. It was cold. My mom gave me a box to sit on in order to keep me off the ground. She also encouraged me to move around, following the sun. The Grizzlies beat the Cats and the coop was ready for the chickens!

We were so busy with Thanksgiving that move-in day was the day after Thanksgiving.

In the morning, I cut up some shredded paper for the nesting boxes. And my mom had me cut an old flannel sheet for a curtain. Cutting along the slot in the picnic table was hard for me. So my mom drew a line with a pencil and then I could cut the curtain straight. We made the nesting boxes nice and soft. We put the food into the storage buckets and into the feed bowl.

Grandma and Grandpa picked us up in their car and we drove out to the Ag Center. The chickens were crazy hungry! Maybe someone forgot to feed them on Thanksgiving Day. Anyway, we gave them a little food—not much–just enough to bring them together. My chickens had yellow tags on their feet. My mom caught them and handed them to Grandpa. They squawked and squawked.

But the first one jumped out of the box! Grandma and I were taking pictures and not helping. Our job was to hold the lid down to keep the chickens inside the box. One by one we got all 6 chickens into the box. They popped their heads out; they tried to get out. Grandpa tightened the rope.

move in dayc1

Chickens! Stay in the box please!

The box went into the trunk and we drove home. My mom opened the little door in the back seat for more air. We heard them.  They were not squawking. They were sounding like happy chickens.

At home we gave them water, sprinkled saw dust all over the coop and let them out of the box. They were still very hungry so they went right for the food! They did not look around their new house. They just wanted to eat. I opened their little door so they could go out into the hen run. They were not interested so Grandpa pushed each one out the door and down the little ladder.

They were pecked a little at the apple peelings in the grass and then they all went back inside for regular food.  When they were full, they all came back out again and stayed outside because it was such a nice place to be.

4 thoughts on “Chickens: Moving Day!

    • Hi Debbie,
      It has been really cold in Missoula: 10 below zero! My chickens are happy! My Grandpa built a well-insulated coop for them. I am so thankful.

    • Hi Sonja,
      Chickens so happy! I will watch The Nutcracker with Mckenzie on Saturday. I went to the Writing Center party with mom. I got a prize of the elk movie.

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