I just celebrated my first Thanksgiving as an Adult. The fun started Tuesday morning with shopping at The Good Food Store: Turkey Tuesday. I got up at my usual time but I did not eat breakfast. In the car, my mom said,

`Last year at this time you were on the school bus on your way to school and I went to get the turkey all by myself. Now you can come with me because you graduated.’

I remembered my camera and I started taking pictures when I walked in the door. A group was playing music. And then I got a cup of hot apple cider and a slice of wheat-free pumpkin bread. We took our treats to the table area. I like to sit down when I eat. I can’t walk around and eat because I choke on my food and then I don’t enjoy it. My mom knows this about me so we found a seat and enjoyed our pumpkin bread breakfast.

I tried to eat it with my fingers. My mom told me if I wanted a fork I could find one behind me. `Stand up, Mathalia, and turn around. Do you see a place where you might find a fork?’

And I found one!

After breakfast, we picked up our turkey.

`How big do you want your turkey?’

`Small, please.’

`Is ten pounds okay?’


We bought a few more things and then my mom dropped me off at the pool. My Tuesday was normal after that with Adult Coached Lap Swim and work at the Writing Center.

Wednesday we made gluten-free dairy-free apple crisp. After the apples were peeled, I chopped them and dumped them in the pan. I sprinkled the topping on the apples.

My mom had told me that if I wanted to help her stuff the turkey, I would have to get up early on Thursday. And I did!

I cut the gluten-free bread into little slices and then I turned the slices and cut it again into little cubes. I was careful with the knife. My mom did not need to remind me. Then I measured the spices. My mom helped me with 1/2 and 1 teaspoon. It confuses me still. Then I mixed the bread with the celery and onions. I helped mom stuff the turkey. She was holding the turkey and I was scooping the stuffing. And then I was holding and scooping and she was taking pictures!

Morielle called just as we were finished the clean-up. I got to see a funny computer picture of her cat. She is living in the middle of the desert so Skype does not work very well. The computer picture and her voice is kind of funny on the computer.

We had a very nice Thanksgiving Day! I said my Thanksgiving Day memory: Psalm 100. And Grandpa read Psalm 147. We played Muggins and I won! Maybe because Grandpa was distracted watching a football game on mute. We did two puzzles and Grandpa was so silly because of hiding pieces. But I found them!

2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving

  1. Oh, this is very frustrating, Mathalia! I can see that you posted a photo of one of my cats, and of me, but I can’t see the photo! Is it a fuzzy skype screen shot? Or did you borrow photos from my blog? 🙂 Sounds like you had a wonderful thanksgiving. Of course I wish I was there.

    • Hi Morielle, The photo is a fuzzy Skype photo. I will send it to you by email. I found 1 egg this morning. I ate it sounds great! Love, Mathalia

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