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Another Fun Christmas-y Weekend!

We went to the cookie making party on Thursday and found out that the day had changed to Friday. I was so disappointed. My mom didn’t read the announcement carefully!! So we went again on Friday. I was very excited because I knew I would see lots of friends. My mom thinks I was more focused on seeing friends than on making cookies. She had to help me roll out the dough. My hands on the rolling pin didn’t do anything so she used her hands to make it roll the dough out. I cut out star cookies and put them on the baking tray.

My mom finished her tray really fast and then sent it off to the oven. She helped me a little with my tray and then I was all done. Then we got to do the fun decorating part. I was watching for friends and not paying too much attention. I squirted the frosting all over except on the cookies. So my mom took over the frosting job and I sprinkled the sprinkles. I was looking at people not cookies so the sprinkles did not go onto the cookie. My mom just turned the cookie upside down and put the cookie on the sprinkles! So it all worked out. I got to see lots of friends and the cookies looked great. It was really fun!

Saturday morning I went to Yoga class and I forgot my phone! I did not call my mom to pick me up. I just waited. And I waited. She came! She did not see me. She was asking the attendant about me when she turned and saw me. Silly mom. I was waiting for her to pick me up. `Mathalia! First you call me and then you wait. And if you don’t have your phone, you can ask for help. You have got to learn to ask for help when something like this happens!’  I knew she would come and she did!

At home I was very quick with lunch and changing my clothes for The Nutcracker. We were on time picking up my friend, McKenzie. I love going to The Nutcracker every year.

At the Nutcracker!

At the Nutcracker!

On Sunday I went to the Bell Choir Concert with Grandpa and Uncle Jeff. I saw lots of friends and I got to try ringing the bells again. I used to play in Junior Bells but we don’t have Junior Bells anymore. The concert was really nice. I liked `Joy to the World.’

After the concert, Uncle Jeff wanted to see my chickens. He thought the chicken coop was really cool. He liked the heat lamp that turns on when it gets really cold and turns off when it is warm. He thought the electricity could also be used for a radio or a T.V. for the chickens! Silly Uncle Jeff. He thought it was very cool that sometimes I collect 6 eggs a day. He is hoping to take some home with him to Phoenix. I wonder if they would let eggs go through security. Funny Uncle Jeff.

Christmasy Weekend

My Christmasy Weekend started with the violin recital at the Mall on Friday. I wore Matthan’s red `Santan’ hat and a Christmas dress. Heidi’s and Beth’s students gathered at the clock for tuning. We played lots of Christmas songs:  Silent Night, Away in the Manger, Joy to the World, The First Noel, Jingle Bells, and more.

The Noodle Express for dinner was so cold because the take-out window kept opening and letting in gusts of cold wind into the kitchen. All the employees were wearing hats and gloves if they could. My mom paid for my food this time because I forgot my purse. I was more concerned about remembering my violin and Santa hat than about my money.

Saturday we packed for the Big Sky Fiber Arts Guild meeting and Christmas Party: presents for the game, locker-hooking to work on keep my hands busy, rice and dessert for the potluck. I had so much fun seeing old friends and listening to their conversations that I did not get much locker-hooking done. My mom can listen and knit at the same time. I mostly do one thing at a time. Anyway, lunch was really good because I got to eat cow’s cheese and gluten foods like noodles and cookies. On Thursday Dr. Starbuck poked my finger and dropped my blood onto five little circles. In about two weeks I will find out what I can and cannot eat. In the meantime, I can eat anything I want to eat!

The present game went around the circle until I had the choice between my present (pot holders) and a very big present bag. Duh! That was an easy choice:  a Christmas goat! There was also some very pretty red wool and fun red yarn, labels to put in my handmade headbands and cowls, a book about natural dyeing, and a very nice basket to hold everything. My mom is excited about making me something very cute and very red. And I am excited about the Christmas goat. I named him Kanga!!

I took a short power nap in the car and then after dinner we were off to the Symphony. The Nutcracker music was a little different but I liked it. During intermission I voted for Jingle Bells. I was disappointed because they did not play Jingle because White Christmas won the prize. Still I enjoyed White Christmas.

At church on Sunday we had a mini-Christmas Concert by Dolce Canto and breakfast at the restaurant with Grandma and Grandpa. Another short power-nap and then off to the Writing Center Christmas Party! We played the present game again but this time the presents were not about fiber, wool and yarn, they were about `white elephant’ which means mischievous. I gave a `white rabbit’ and I got a elk call movie. Hah! It was very funny! I liked all the food and I liked seeing my Writing Center friends. I gave everyone a pot holder.

Chickens: Moving Day!

Still lots to do before the chickens could move in. Grandpa came over to make a roost, another storage cupboard with the water trays at the bottom, the feeder and the heat lamp. Most of the time I stayed in the house and did my own thing. Sometimes I peeked out the window to see what he and my mom were doing. Sometimes I came out to take pictures.

But on Griz-Cat game day, I brought my work outside so that I could be closer to the action. It was cold. My mom gave me a box to sit on in order to keep me off the ground. She also encouraged me to move around, following the sun. The Grizzlies beat the Cats and the coop was ready for the chickens!

We were so busy with Thanksgiving that move-in day was the day after Thanksgiving.

In the morning, I cut up some shredded paper for the nesting boxes. And my mom had me cut an old flannel sheet for a curtain. Cutting along the slot in the picnic table was hard for me. So my mom drew a line with a pencil and then I could cut the curtain straight. We made the nesting boxes nice and soft. We put the food into the storage buckets and into the feed bowl.

Grandma and Grandpa picked us up in their car and we drove out to the Ag Center. The chickens were crazy hungry! Maybe someone forgot to feed them on Thanksgiving Day. Anyway, we gave them a little food—not much–just enough to bring them together. My chickens had yellow tags on their feet. My mom caught them and handed them to Grandpa. They squawked and squawked.

But the first one jumped out of the box! Grandma and I were taking pictures and not helping. Our job was to hold the lid down to keep the chickens inside the box. One by one we got all 6 chickens into the box. They popped their heads out; they tried to get out. Grandpa tightened the rope.

move in dayc1

Chickens! Stay in the box please!

The box went into the trunk and we drove home. My mom opened the little door in the back seat for more air. We heard them.  They were not squawking. They were sounding like happy chickens.

At home we gave them water, sprinkled saw dust all over the coop and let them out of the box. They were still very hungry so they went right for the food! They did not look around their new house. They just wanted to eat. I opened their little door so they could go out into the hen run. They were not interested so Grandpa pushed each one out the door and down the little ladder.

They were pecked a little at the apple peelings in the grass and then they all went back inside for regular food.  When they were full, they all came back out again and stayed outside because it was such a nice place to be.


I just celebrated my first Thanksgiving as an Adult. The fun started Tuesday morning with shopping at The Good Food Store: Turkey Tuesday. I got up at my usual time but I did not eat breakfast. In the car, my mom said,

`Last year at this time you were on the school bus on your way to school and I went to get the turkey all by myself. Now you can come with me because you graduated.’

I remembered my camera and I started taking pictures when I walked in the door. A group was playing music. And then I got a cup of hot apple cider and a slice of wheat-free pumpkin bread. We took our treats to the table area. I like to sit down when I eat. I can’t walk around and eat because I choke on my food and then I don’t enjoy it. My mom knows this about me so we found a seat and enjoyed our pumpkin bread breakfast.

I tried to eat it with my fingers. My mom told me if I wanted a fork I could find one behind me. `Stand up, Mathalia, and turn around. Do you see a place where you might find a fork?’

And I found one!

After breakfast, we picked up our turkey.

`How big do you want your turkey?’

`Small, please.’

`Is ten pounds okay?’


We bought a few more things and then my mom dropped me off at the pool. My Tuesday was normal after that with Adult Coached Lap Swim and work at the Writing Center.

Wednesday we made gluten-free dairy-free apple crisp. After the apples were peeled, I chopped them and dumped them in the pan. I sprinkled the topping on the apples.

My mom had told me that if I wanted to help her stuff the turkey, I would have to get up early on Thursday. And I did!

I cut the gluten-free bread into little slices and then I turned the slices and cut it again into little cubes. I was careful with the knife. My mom did not need to remind me. Then I measured the spices. My mom helped me with 1/2 and 1 teaspoon. It confuses me still. Then I mixed the bread with the celery and onions. I helped mom stuff the turkey. She was holding the turkey and I was scooping the stuffing. And then I was holding and scooping and she was taking pictures!

Morielle called just as we were finished the clean-up. I got to see a funny computer picture of her cat. She is living in the middle of the desert so Skype does not work very well. The computer picture and her voice is kind of funny on the computer.

We had a very nice Thanksgiving Day! I said my Thanksgiving Day memory: Psalm 100. And Grandpa read Psalm 147. We played Muggins and I won! Maybe because Grandpa was distracted watching a football game on mute. We did two puzzles and Grandpa was so silly because of hiding pieces. But I found them!