Update on Chickens and the Coop

My chickens are still living at the Ag. Center. My friends take care of them during the school day and I take care of them on Sundays after church. Usually we change into our work clothes at church before we go out to the coop. My job is to feed them and collect the eggs. My mom changes their water. Sometimes she helps me and sometimes she is no help at all!

Like the time when the chickens were really hungry. I had filled their food dish; then she opened the door and they all came running toward me and some of them flew up onto the bowl!  I was so startled that I dropped the feed dish right in the middle of the doorway! My mom was laughing and taking pictures. I just stood there completely frozen. The chickens didn’t care none of them got out of the coop because they wanted to stay close to the food.

The Sunday of our CRAZY week my mom wanted to `be quick’ so we went out to the coop in our church clothes. My muck boots match my church dress! No eggs this time. I took a picture of the hen in the nesting box but I did not disturb her to check for eggs.

Later at home while my mom took her power-nap, I put on my `Dutch girl’ costume. The recital was very fun! My teacher played the movie-theme-guessing game on her violin: I recognized Star Wars, Song of Music and Fiddler on the Roof. I played `Song of the Wind’ with the piano accompaniment and `Amazing Grace’ with violin accompaniment. I love recitals especially Halloween Recital.  And now I am excited about our Christmas Recital at the Mall.

My Grandpa worked hard on the chicken coop this past week. On Tuesday he came over and worked. He had one little job for me to do: bring the chicken ladder from the truck to the chicken coop. I was being silly and mischievous because I wanted to finish my paperwork before I helped him. This was okay. The ladder wasn’t going anywhere. It waited for me until I was ready. Then I brought it out and I took some pictures before we had to go to the doctor.

On Wednesday Grandpa didn’t have any work for me but he needed my mom to help with electricity. So I finished making my pot holders and then I came out to see what how things were coming along. My mom tried to find work for me but I was too cold. November weather is not like October weather. In October I could sit outside, watch them work and make pot holders at the same time. Anyway, I took some pictures before I did for my exercise routine: walk around the block 10 times. I use a little bead counter to help me keep track of my laps.

4 thoughts on “Update on Chickens and the Coop

  1. Loved your update, Matalia. You looked lovely in your Dutch costume! You certainly are lucky to have such a handy and accomplished Grandpa. He can build a CASAS house OR a chicken coop!
    I hope you are getting lots of eggs and they taste even better than store-bought eggs.
    It was nice to see you and your Mom at the last concert! Love, Gingy

    • Hi Gingy,
      Yes! We saw you and took a picture. I had my flower on my face at the Symphony. My Grandpa made my coop and my grandma made my Dutch costume.

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