Adult Life: Halloween!

I love to celebrate Halloween because I love to dress up. My Grandma wanted to make me a very special costume for my first Halloween as an adult. She started working on it a couple of weeks ago. First my mom had to rummage around to find our Dutch costumes from many years ago. After that there were lots of fittings and measuring times. I did not mind at all! I love to dress up whether it is for real or just for trying on!

Halloween started off with talking to Morielle in China! I told her about my costume and about my trip to Billings next week. She told me about her new little kitten. Then I had to hurry up and get ready for Adult Coached Swimming. After swimming I walked home quickly and and ate lunch. My mom helped me put on my costume and made sure everything looked just right. She offered to carry my klompen in her backpack so that I could wear regular shoes walking to The Writing Center. I think she was afraid that I might walk even more slowly if I wore funny wooden shoes.

On a bench in the L.A. building I put on my klompen. I was official! All my friends at the Writing Center said that I looked very cute: a little Dutch Girl. I was a little frustrated with the computer because it was not working the way it was supposed to work. My friend Gretchen came in and she helped get me get on so that I could type in the log-in slips. Sometimes a friend interrupted me to tell me how cute I looked. And each one checked under the desk at my feet to see if my outfit was complete.

At home I ate supper very carefully so that I would not spill on my outfit. At first it was my mom who took a break from her supper to hand out the candy. Later after I saw her doing it, I started doing it!  I would stand up, take off my napkin, pick up the candy bowl and head to the door. My mom thought this was a very adult thing to do:

`Just let your food wait for a minute because you will be right back. ‘

After supper my mom set a chair for me and a chair for the candy bowl and I just waited for the next group to come. This year I handed out candy all by myself.  My mom said that trick-or-treating is for children and adults hand out the candy. Well, I was used to doing both: I went trick-or-treating around our block to our neighbors and then I handed out the candy with my mom’s help. This year I was completely in charge of the candy because `I am an adult.’ When I was a child, my mom had to help me remember to give a piece of candy to each trick-or-treater in the group. But this year as an adult, I did not need any help or any prompting. `I got this, mom!’

Passing out candy was fun!  I saw a clown, batman, the frog prince. I saw lots of cute little kids in their costumes and lots of big kids in scary costumes. `I was frightened because the vampire!’ And then it was all done. We turned out the lights, I took off my costume. I will wear it again for my Halloween violin recital but the candy part of Halloween was all done: ‘Okay, Goodnight, kids. Halloween is all done.’ `How about Thanksgiving?’

2 thoughts on “Adult Life: Halloween!

  1. You looked so pretty in your Dutch outfit! Everything was very pretty! My 2 oldest grandson’s wore ninja costumes. My youngest grandson was supposed to be a ninja but he changed his mind and decided to dress up as Batman. He loves Batman!

  2. Hi Debbie,
    I like Batman too. I wish they could have come to my house. I pass out candy to lots of cute kids.

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