Buddy Walk Fun!

Saturday morning and my mom was all `hurry up, Mathalia’ and `be quick, Mathalia!’ She wanted to take care of the chickens BEFORE we went to the Buddy Walk. We got to the Ag Center and had to work fast.  I was in charge of the food and my mom gave them water. I found a mouse in the chicken food! So then of course, we had to take a break for pictures of the mouse. I was brave and scooped him up in the scoop. Then he jumped into the bucket. I don’t know if we got a picture of him jumping because he was so quick. My mom was quick making curtains for the chickens so that they would have privacy when they lay their eggs.

We were on time for The Buddy Walk. My friend Mary Ann gave me a t-shirt. This year it was in Griz colors for the Buddy Walk. I tried to take a picture of the balloons going up in the air. I got my camera out and ready but they were already too high up in the sky. I hung out with my friend Molly. We walked the mile-loop together. It was fun! They had pizza and cookies for everyone to eat for lunch. I am eating gluten-free and dairy-free so I could not have any cookies or pizza. I was a little disappointed but I brought my gluten-free sandwich and snacks so it was okay.

The craziness started when my friend Rebecca came with her friend Elizabeth.

`Do you want to do the photo booth, Mathalia?’

Well, I did not know what a photo booth was but I followed along. Rebecca gave me all kinds of hats and scarves to try on. I did not argue with her because I love to dress-up. This was like my `dress-up box’ at home except it was even better. Rebecca kept giving me different hats: a chicken hat; a big hair hat; lots of hats. I did not say anything. I just did what they told me to do: try this on Mathalia; here’s a scarf, Mathalia.  Then they said, `Come on, Mathalia.’ I had to go inside a very little room with my mom, Rebecca and Elizabeth. We were all four squished inside a itty bitty booth. Then they said `smile or `be goofy’ or I don’t know what they were telling me to do.

And then suddenly: it was over and they pulled me out so the next people could take their turn. It was crazy fast and confusing. But I just did what they told me to do and it all worked out. Because a few minutes later the pictures were done! We put the pictures in a big scrapbook. I wrote in the book about how much I like the Buddy Walk. I have only missed a couple of times in all twelve years. My friend Margaret and her daughter were volunteers. I hope that next year my mom and I can be volunteers at The Buddy Walk.  We said `goodbye’ to Rebecca and Elizabeth and Mary Ann. My mom and I were walking to the car and then I finally said something. I said: `mischievous.’



Oh yes, Mathalia, you were very mischievous! You tried on lots of funny hats, scarves and glasses. The photo booth was silly and mischievous.

`I was mischievous with the funny hats.’

Yes, you were very mischievous with the funny hats, Mathalia. Did you have fun at The Buddy Walk?

Yes, The Buddy Walk was fun! Now I know that I like to do photo booths. Photo booths are fun because I can be mischievous!

8 thoughts on “Buddy Walk Fun!

  1. Hi Mathalia:

    Terrific Buddy Walk for 2013! And you and your Mum were fast with the chickens.

    At first I was not sure whether the hat you were wearing was a chicken or a turkey hat (the latter would be good for next month). I even thought it might be a chef’s hat with a cravat.

    As for the hair, it reminded me a lot of a movie called HAIR. or maybe NAPOLEON DYNAMITE when they voted for Pedro.

    Loved the picture where you all got together and wore something silly.

    Hope you do become volunteers at the Buddy Walk for 2014.

    The mouse, the mouse!

    The big hat, I think, was a sombrero. One of my two favourite Mexican hats.

    When I had pictures in a photo booth, they were black and white.

      • Mathalia:

        So you use Spanish in your work?

        Or do you work with those of Spanish background?

        (I do know about hermanos, which is brother or buddy).

        Good to know about the sombrero and its provenance!

      • Dear Adelaide,
        I learned a little Spanish in guatemala. I had some fun spanish lessons with friends while everyone else built the house.

  2. I loved the photo of you and your mom with your grandpa and grandma! Please say “hello” to them for me.

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