Homecoming: Art Fair Fun!

Last weekend was Homecoming at the University of Montana. I was excited about setting up my booth at the U-C Art Fair and selling pot holders again. The last time was almost a year ago at the Holiday Art Fair. My summer was so busy and fun with all my FFA activities that I didn’t take my pot holders to the market the whole summer!

Grandma offered to watch my booth while I went to the parade. So I got to sell pot holders and I got to go to the parade! I could not have done it all without my grandma and without my mom. I am afraid that my mom did most of the work getting ready but I took lots of pictures. 🙂 On Tuesday my mom tried to get me to help her count pot holders to check inventory. No thanks. On Wednesday she tried to help me pack the car with all the supplies for the table. No thanks. I  was all for taking pictures of the counting and the packing but not so much for the helping!

Thursday morning my mom didn’t even bother to ask me to help her set up my table. She got up early and was at the U-C at 6:00. Then she came home to eat breakfast and make her lunch and went back again to open up.  This was very nice of her but the only thing was that now the car was at home and she did not buy a parking pass. Hah! So I had to walk to the U-C carrying my pot holder bag and my lunch. My mom told me to hurry up and be quick. I did hurry up and I was quick but I guess I was not quick enough for her because around 10:00 she came to look for me. I don’t know why she did that?! I saw her coming around the Grizzly Bear on campus. When she saw me, she stopped walking so fast and furious and smiled and laughed at herself. Of course, I know how to get to the U-C. Silly mom!

I loved doing the Art Fair for three days! I saw so many many friends: Big Sky High School friends, Grizzly Pool friends, Writing Center friends, church friends, Math Department friends and new friends. It was lots of fun! Of course, I liked selling my pot holders but mostly I liked seeing my friends. I made some new friends: I traded my pot holders for a beautiful pink scarf. And I traded pot holders for a picture of a waterfall. And my friend Brenda gave me a new pair of mittens that she makes out of old sweaters.

On Saturday when we were all done, I did a much better job helping pack everything up and take it to the car. My mom was proud of me and grateful because she was very tired and wanted to get home so we could relax.

All packed up, we started to head home but we got stuck in a long line of cars!! The game was just over and I guess everyone wanted to go home at the same time. So you know what my mom did?!  Crazy mom! She said, this is great Mathalia! It is a beautiful day. We have been cooped up all weekend. Let’s walk home and enjoy being outside and getting some exercise. I will come back and get the car later. And so we walked home and I walked quickly because I was hungry!

4 thoughts on “Homecoming: Art Fair Fun!

  1. Mathalia, every thing looks good. I like the scarf and the gloves. You are going to have to teach me how to make potholder someday; they look fun to make and they would be great Christmas presents 🙂

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