A New Look

Last week my friend Christy came over to help my mom (and me) with my website. I was pretty excited because I wanted to hang out with Christy. Last year when she came over, I was in school so I missed out on all the fun! We got out the very pretty tea set from China that Morielle gave my mom for her birthday. I was hoping Christy would come early and my mom was stressed because she couldn’t remember everything Christy had told her last time. Silly mom!

Christy always has very interesting clothes and this time she had some very pretty gloves. I wanted to take a picture, of course. My mom served the tea and we chatted a little and then they worked on the computer. I was hanging out with them at the table. All of a sudden my mom jumped up, grabbed a couple of pot holders and her camera they went outside to take pictures. Crazy. I stayed inside and just watched from the window. Then my mom called into the house and suggested that I take a picture of them taking pictures. So I got my camera and then I had to put my shoes on. By the time I was ready, they were all done. But they went ahead and took some more pictures so for the photo. It was fun! I am very careful with my camera and with my routines like putting on my shoes so I can be a little slow. My mom is always telling me to hurry up but `hurrying up’ is just not my style!

They ran back inside and put the photos on the computer. Of course, I followed them and hung out with them at the table drinking my tea. Actually, I did not drink my tea. My mom was surprised when she was cleaning up to find my tea cup still full of tea.  `Did you have fun drinking tea with Christy?’  Yes, of course, I had fun drinking tea with Christy! It is not about the tea. It is about hanging out with friends and enjoying my adult life. Silly mom.

Anyway, they made some changes in the way my website looks. I hope you like it. In the process they tried a few things that did not work. In one try, they wrote a post and then later deleted it. But in the end they had success with uploading the pot holder pictures. They also added a Page called `Mathalia in the Media.’ It has links to the newspaper articles about me and a link to the television story about my swimming.

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