Chicken Update: Work

I wrote about enjoying the chickens in my last post. The next thing my mom wanted me to learn: feed and water them, and clean out the coop. The fun was over and now the work! `Wash out the water pan, Mathalia.’ Well, directions like that don’t work for me the first time I do something. So we both held the pan and then her hand pushed my hand around to wipe. We cleaned the little pan together and she did the big bucket. I filled the bucket full of water which was easy. My mom carried the bucket and I carried the pan.

I walked into the coop and I stopped completely frozen at a standstill because the chickens were pecking and making me crazy. My mom said that they were hungry and thirsty and told me to hurry up and put the pan ON the brick so she could give them their water. I shooed the chickens and put the brick IN the pan! I thought my mom would be so proud because I was `shooing’ chickens. But she laughed! And then she did it right so the chickens could have their water without waiting for me to understand directions.

Oh what a relief! The chickens stopped pecking. Once the chickens were happy then I could start helping again. My mom gave me the cup of food and showed me how to pour it into their feed dish. I did not bend down and get close to the dish. I just poured it down on their eating heads.  My mom laughed!!

The next time my mom brought the feed dish outside for me to fill. It was easy to fill it but then the tricky part was getting it back into the coop with all the hungry pecking chickens. My mom opened the door and the chickens rushed at the food and I  froze and dropped the feed dish. My mom started laughing and telling me that I had to pick up the dish and move it to the middle of the hen house.  NO WAY!! Not with so many pecking chickens!

She showed me how to find the handle under the hungry chicken that was perched on top. She started taking pictures while shooing chickens back into the coop and left me to figure it out by myself. And I did! I stepped over the crazy chickens and then I patted the one chicken off the handle and picked up the feed dish and set it down farther inside.  My mom was so proud of me: shooing a chicken and moving the food dish.

One day we had to clean them out. My mom thought I would not be much help but I surprised her! `Clean out the coop’ does not work for me. But scooping the dirty wood shavings into a nice pile far away from the eating chickens and then handing me a shovel and telling me to put the shavings into a bucket was just what I needed. I showed my mom that I like to take care of chickens! We had the coop looking clean with fresh wood shavings ready for the first day of school.

5 thoughts on “Chicken Update: Work

  1. You did a great job cleaning out the cage! It looks very nice. It will be very good for the chickens. My parents had chickens when I was about 10 years old. I had to collect their eggs. I had to put an empty can over their heads to keep them from pecking me. I’m proud of you. You took good care of your chickens.

    • 30 Ag Center. I take 6 at home. Grandpa build Chicken coop. I went to the bike ride with mom. I took a picture bike ride with mom. I see Nutcracker ballet with mom in December. I make a joyful noise to the lord all the earth. Thank you for the body. I give thanks because am adult woman. love, Mathalia

  2. Hello Mathalia!

    I have enjoyed reading your chicken update.

    Now I see why the thick brick had to be ON the pan – because it would have been raised and the chickens would have fed better.

    You did a terrific job with the clean shavings.

    Is your Grandpa very experienced in building chicken coops? One of my farming uncles had a steel coop a long time ago.

    Would love to hear more about the bike ride.

    Hope you find the directions in your adult life.

    • Dear Adelaide,
      I don’t know maybe this will be the first coop. He made a roost and nesting boxes. I will write about it soon.

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