Adult life: Children’s Message

I like to talk to my mom in the car because then she really listens to me instead of telling me to `hurry up’ or do this or do that. Usually I choose the topic that I want to talk about which is why my mom has a notebook in the car: if she doesn’t understand what I say, I have to write it down. She also makes me finish my sentences. I usually introduce a topic by saying one word. She writes it in the notebook with a couple of blanks and then I have to fill in the blanks and finish the sentence. Only then will she  respond to my ideas. Hah! Let us hope that she is always safe when she drives and writes!

Anyway my last few months in high school we were constantly driving back and forth to Big Sky  and the Ag. Center. I was always talking about `Graduation‘. She would wait and wait for me to say more and `finish the thought’ as she likes to say: `I am excited about Graduation.’ Or `Graduation is June 1, 2013.’ Or `2013 is my turn.’ Full sentences like that make her happy.

When we were done talking about Graduation, she would start talking about `Adult Life’ beginning on June 2, 2013. One of her big ideas about Adult Life was the Children’s Message at church:

Mathalia, there is nothing wrong about your going up for the Children’s Message. You can go up there your whole life, if you want to do that. God wants all of us—no matter how old we are—to approach Him as a child.  BUT you might want to think about NOT going up for the Children’s Message to listen with the other children but staying with me in the pew and listening with all the other adults. I don’t want to tell you what to do. I just want you to think about it.

And so I did: I thought about it all during the month of May. I really liked going up for the Children’s Message; I liked listening to the Pastor; I liked listening watching the other children; I liked to hear their answers to the question. Sometimes the Pastor would take us around to look at the windows in the church. It was all very fun!

But on Sunday, June 9, I was excited to stay with my mom in the pew as one of my `Adult Life’ choices.  My mom did not talk about it that Sunday morning at all. She let me decide. I had done my thinking and I loved being an adult while I watched the children walk to the front. I think that my mom was a little sad or maybe we were having one of those `bittersweet’ moments: I was enjoying the `sweet’ part acting like an adult and listening from the pew; and my mom was enjoying the `bitter’ part acting like a `basket case’ during `Great is Thy Faithfulness’ which we sang right after the Children’s Message. Silly Mom.

On the way home in the car my mom explained why. She said:

We sang that song the Sunday after you were born, Mathalia. My mind was rather in a fog those first few weeks but I have the bulletin so I know: it was April 10, 1994. You were two days old. Certainly God has been faithful to you during your childhood for 19 years and 2 months. We sang it again today, the beginning of your Adult Life. He will continue to be faithful and give His `own dear presence to cheer and to guide.’ He will give `strength for today and bright hope for tomorrow.’

Which reminds me of the poem I wrote after the Transitions conference in November. I  included it in my Creative Writing Class Poetry Book:


After the rain the sun

After the winter the spring

After the spring the summer

After the summer the harvest

This is the way of life

till the life be done;

After the preschool the kindergarten

After the grammar school the high school

After the high school the adventure

This is the way of life for everyone.

All we need to do abled or disabled,

Give thanks till the life be done

love is the way of life.

After the love, the thanks.

That’s it for now. I have many more `Adult Life’ stories to tell.

One thought on “Adult life: Children’s Message

  1. What a God moment for your Mom, Mathalia, when that hymn was played! I can understand why she was a basket case : ) What a beautiful poem! Thank you for sharing!

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