Siblings Part Three

Thursday, August 1, was a normal day at home: visiting my lamb, Domino, and my goat, Kanga, at the Ag Center and helping my FFA friends get ready for the Fair. It was on my list to go to Adult Swim after a short nap but I did not wake up until suppertime. My mom said it was okay, `You were exhausted, Mathalia; you needed to sleep.’ In the evening Matthan showed us his Green Mountain Summer pictures from Vermont. He can be a very wild and crazy brother when he is hanging out with his friends. Then he helped me post a picture on Facebook. I hope I can remember how to do it after he is back in Los Angeles!

Friday morning I went to lap swim with my mom and I had a very `Adult life’ adventure which my mom thought was fabulous but I was NOT very excited about it at all!! The morning started out just fine: we got up early and ate a little snack, rode the tandem to the pool, checked-in for lap-swim, swam, took a shower AND then she rode the tandem home without ME! She LEFT me at the pool!! While I was in the shower, she told me:  `I am frustrated, Mathalia, because you are soooo SLOW; I have things to do at home; I am NOT going to wait for you.’  And then in case, I did not understand or hear her words above the noise of the shower, she wrote me a note and left it on my swim bag. Wow! I was hurt and angry!! You should have seen me walking home: boy, was I quick!! When I got home she was happy and PROUD of me for my very quick walking AND for my very `adult’ problem-solving skills but I was still pretty ANGRY as you can imagine! I felt better after I had eaten a full breakfast and unpacked my swim bag.

By 4:00 when my mom was leaving for Spokane to pick up Morielle, I was happy and we had worked it all out. Still she thought I would want to stay home, relax, go to bed early, see Morielle in the morning. `NO WAY!! I want Morielle.’ And so she let me come along with her: more driving, more pot holders, more napping in the car. We got to Spokane early and then Dad texted Mom that the flight was delayed even more so we ate our little supper snack and then my mom took a nap in the car. I was messing around with my camera, taking pictures of her while she was sleeping and that woke her up so then we were both playing around with out cameras. It was funny.

But then it was time to get Morielle so we put money in the meter for parking the car and then we went inside and we waited some more. I was ready and waiting with my camera to take a picture of Morielle when she came out of  airplane! Morielle thought it was all very funny: no one was coming to greet her with a hug: I was trying to get a good photo and my mom was taking pictures of me taking pictures of Morielle. Morielle thought we were both CRAZY. Finally, we were happy with our photos and could give Morielle a welcome-home hug. She thought we were being very funny with our cameras but we take our photography very seriously.

Lots of talking and laughing in the car on the way home and then Morielle suggested a funny radio show: Cabin Pressure. It was very funny but then my mom started to fall asleep so we stopped listening and she and I took naps while Morielle drove us home: glad she had not forgotten how to drive a car!

2 thoughts on “Siblings Part Three

    • Dear Debbie, Yes, I really like my camera I got it as a present for graduation. My camera is purple. My mom got a camera for her Birthday. Her camera is orange. I am learning how to organize my photos on the computer. And I like to share them on my blog. Love, Mathalia

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