Siblings Part Two

Wednesday morning we all three woke up and it was rush rush rush with more emails, phone calls and texting and `hurry up, Mathalia’s.’ Somehow we all ate breakfast; well, I ate a proper breakfast while my mom and Matthan were walking around, talking and packing and eating all at the same time. CRAZY. Then we were in the car; Matthan was driving and through all the muddle somehow we had given up on Morielle flying into SeaTac. Matthan took a random exit in the middle Seattle; and there was Uncle Jeff waiting for us! Matthan stopped the car; Uncle Jeff got in the back seat with me and we got back on the expressway. Matthan drove us to an airplane factory. It was fun! I could not take pictures on the tour but in the museum and after the tour, I took lots of pictures. On the tour we saw lots of people working and we saw lots of airplanes. I asked my tour guide if he liked his job: `Yes, I like my job; I learn new things every day and I like to make my tours fun.’ I told him that he was doing a good job.  He told me to say: If it’s not Boeing, I’m not going. 🙂

After the tour, we went to a Passenger Exploration Center which was interesting: we had pretend`tickets’ for a flight; and we sat down in real airplane seats; they gave us a little `clicker’ thing and we answered questions by pressing different buttons. It was fun! Then we had to fill out a form with a little pencil: write down my row number, my seat number and my comments. I `forgot’ to write my comments. My mom says that I didn’t really `forget’ to write my comments; I wanted to write them but I was `too slow’ and did not have enough time before the pretend `flight attendant’ wanted to pick them up.

Anyway they gave Uncle Jeff a prize. My mom says that he really did not deserve to win this prize because he fell asleep during the `clicker questions’ part. Silly Uncle Jeff! But he woke up during the `win a prize’ part. And guess what?! When they drew a ticket for a prize , he won. Lucky Uncle Jeff! He chose a picture book about the factory: he will like it very much because he is CRAZY about airplanes! We went outside on the observation desk and there was more talking on the phone with Dad. While they were doing that, I was taking lots of pictures. It was fun!

We stopped at McDonald’s for lunch and `computing’ but the emails, texting and talking was not so very crazy because we knew that Morielle was stuck in Hawaii on `vacation’ and but that she was coming home on Friday: Dad had bought her a ticket to Spokane. So we left Seattle without picking up Morielle;  and we left Uncle Jeff in the middle of the city at a random exit; Mom, Matthan and I drove home to Missoula. Well, my Mom and Matthan took turns driving and I took a nap. When I woke up, we were in Missoula!.

2 thoughts on “Siblings Part Two

  1. What a time you three + Uncle Jeff had in Seattle! And then Morielle flew to SPOKANE. So glad your Dad bought her a ticket so that she could get home with no further ado. However, I read on her blog that she did enjoy her time in Hawaii!!

    It must seem a bit lonely now that everyone has left – even your grandparents. However, I find that sometimes after having guests it’s nice to get back to NORMAL (in our case just Pete and me). He is leaving for a trip to Jordan tomorrow so I will be alone for a week – I hope to get a lot of catching up done 🙂

    Love, Gingy

    • Dear Gingy, Yes, it is lonely. We said ‘good bye’ to Morielle and Matthan one week ago today.Now, we are home trying to find out what ‘normal Adult life’i is going to be. Yes, we are catching up on lots of the like blog posts. I have lots of stories to tell about my summer. I like publishing blog posts; my favorite part is the pictures and the Captions. It is really fun! love, Mathalia

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