Siblings Part One–fixed!

Sunday, July 28, Morielle’s last day in China, had been on my calendar for a long time! I was excited because I thought that was the day she came home but my mom told me that we`hope’ for July 29 but we don’t know because she is flying `stand-by’ which I don’t really understand except that it means `I hope.’

My mom was so excited that she wanted to be in Seattle at 6:00 a.m. on Monday waiting for Morielle but Morielle said `no, you should keep Mathalia’s volunteer schedule.’ My schedule was ushering `Hansel and Gretel’ for MCT Drama Camps. So I ushered all four shows: two shows on Saturday and two shows on Sunday. It was fun! Sunday night I went to bed early because the next day we were off to pick up Morielle and Matthan!

Monday morning we packed our stuff and a little lunch snack and drove to Sea-Tac. We stayed in the same dumpy hotel we stayed in last year on our way to The Netherlands. We got settled into our room and my mom started this endless routine of checking e-mails, talking to Uncle Jeff, talking to Dad, talking to Grandma and Grandpa. Talking, talking, talking: Where is Morielle? Where was Morielle? Where might Morielle be in the morning? It was crazy. I just wanted Morielle to be here with us! And why not just call Morielle and find out?  My mom tried to explain it to me but it was all very complicated . . . something about Morielle’s `smart’ Chinese phone not being so very smart outside of China; she could not call from Tokyo Japan. My mom wanted to get up at 5:00 and go to the airport just in case Morielle was on that flight but Morielle told her not to do that just wait for a call: `I won’t be shy about asking to use someone’s cell phone’ so my mom left her cell phone right next to her bed hoping to get a call from any random phone number.

Tuesday morning: no call from Morielle but lots of emails and talking: Where is/was/will be Morielle:  Tokyo? Los Angeles? Honolulu? When will she get to Sea-Tac? Lots of questions, no answers. My mom decided to hang out at the hotel: no visit to the Zoo; no visit to the Aquarium. She said: `We will make our own `fun’ around the hotel today, okay Mathalia?’ Not really a question; more like a statement!  I will tell you about our `fun’ day: the hotel only had muffins for breakfast so we went to Safeway to buy breakfast and lunch: I chose Cheerios, English muffins and mozzarella cheese. We ate breakfast on the floor—such a dumpy hotel we did not even have chairs to sit on!

More emails, more talking on the phone about Morielle AND about Matthan: the talking about Matthan was not quite as crazy as with Morielle: just wondering when he would get to Seattle from his Green Mountain Summer Internship in Vermont. In between all the talking and emails, we worked through a task list for the day: make pot holders; lunch; Guatemala Dedication Blog Post; go for awalk. Lunch was my recipe of mozzarella cheese on English muffins. It was my mom’s idea to put it in the microwave in the hotel lobby and to make a picnic outside of our room. Yum. It was delicious! After lunch I made pot holders and then we went for a walk. We were out exploring and then my mom got all excited: Mathalia I think we can walk to the airport—we don’t need to get in the car! My mom is silly that way–she thinks the best days are the days not driving a car. So we followed the signs, used the skywalks and walked to the airport. I took lots of pictures along the way. It was fun! I watched people taking off their shoes and showing passports and it made me excited to remember my trip to Guatemala. I saw a nice woman waiting with flowers. We talked to her and took a picture together. She was waiting for her sister. I told her that I was waiting for my brother and my sister!

We went back to the hotel and relaxed and did the whole talking and email thing again. Somehow we figured out that Morielle was not in Los Angeles; she was in Honolulu; there was a tropical storm; flights had been cancelled; eighty people wanted to get off the island; Morielle was number 80 on the list. Flying stand-by meant that she was having an unexpected Hawaiian vacation . . . but could someone please help her make it SHORT! We also figured out that Matthan might be able to ride on the plane Uncle Jeff was flying but that he should probably try to come earlier because `a bird in the hand is better than one in the hopes and dreams’ as Uncle Jeff says.

So later we walked back to the airport but this time there was no time for picture taking and exploring; it was more like being dragged: `Be quick Mathalia! Can you walk more quickly, please?’ We walked around, went up and down escalators, and then we found Matthan: he had lost his cell phone charger which explains the up-and-down and all-around the airport terminal walking that we did to find him. We walked back to the hotel but then we got into the car for a run to Safeway for dinner. We ate in the hotel lobby where they had chairs, a table and the microwave. Back to the room and with more emails and text messages but this time it was about Uncle Jeff. What a CRAZY day but at least we got Matthan out of the deal.

3 thoughts on “Siblings Part One–fixed!

  1. Thank you! My friend Christy is coming over in an hour; let us hope she can figure out what is going wrong. What kind of a problem?

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