Guatemala Part Four: almost done

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

We got up early ready to eat breakfast, get our stuff together and get on the bus. Everything was fine except . . . some of the women’s toilets were clogged up. Oops!! So we had to wait in line which slowed us down a little. But then we were off on the bus. The night before Brandon had given us the okay to start handing out a few little gifts and playing with the kids more: `we are almost done with the house and we can take time to relax a little more.’ And so we did! Aunt Laura brought her puppet `Jose’ and some Beanie Babies that Grandma had given her to give away. Oh, everyone had so much fun throwing them out the window to cute little children that we saw on the way. And I got to talk to Aunt Laura’s puppet while we were riding the bus. Uncle Jonathan was good a throwing Beanie Babies out the bus. It was fun to watch the mother and the baby be surprised that it was not trash coming out of the window. Uncle Jeff had lots of cool stuff from his hotel overnights and he had fun passing things out as we walked to the worksite.

Circle up and prayer time: `today we work hard on the siding, the rafters and roof.’ Kay volunteered to help Heather with electric and then we all got to work. I tried to nail; I tried to hammer; I tried to measure; my mom tried to find a good job for me. There was a lot going on: Ron, Brandon, Uncle Jonathan were up high working on the rafters; Olivia, Aunt Laura, Leah, Schyler Uncle Jeff were measuring, cutting and putting up siding; Bremen and Renee were working on the side of the house and getting frustrated because something was not quite right; finally, they figured it out and fixed it. I tried this and that and in the end I helped with cleaning up the mud and helping Heather with the electric. She also asked me to put on the washers and nuts so that the house would not blow down in a storm. I did this little job all by myself. She said it was VERY important. My mom took lots of pictures . . . silly mom. The floor was muddy and messy with lots of wood, trash, crooked nails and things so my mom and I picked up stuff, sorted out the good things, threw away the trash, and emptied the mud at the side of the house. Uncle Jeff said that this was important work too. In between I handed things up to the people working on the rafters: Brandon, Uncle Jonathan or Ron if they needed something from the floor. It was fun because I got to climb the ladder. And then all of a sudden Paul came! He had found us: first he went to Pastor Jeff’s house and then they told him how to get to `Uncle Jeff’s’ house. It was so nice that he came because he wanted to help us build and we needed the help.

Lunch was another fabulous meal with rice, vegetables and tortillas with fresh homemade cheese. Aunt Laura brought out her puppet and we had so much fun watching the kids talk to the puppet. My mom and Uncle Jeff took a little break from the lunch festivities to take pictures of the bathroom where I spent a lot of my Tuesday. Fortunately, I felt better on Wednesday so I could work hard and play hard with my new friends. Most everyone tried not to drink too much water because the bathroom was not so nice. Fortunately, it did not bother my mom; she said it reminded her of China and how excited we all are that Morielle will be coming home very soon and then she can tell us all about the Chinese bathrooms. 🙂

After lunch I took some pictures, and helped a little with the work but I also set up another little table to play Memory with my new friends. And then my friend Julie started teaching me Spanish! It was great fun and I really do want to learn Spanish. I had a little in Middle School but now I really want to learn the new words so that I can talk to new friends. My mom set up about four games of Memory. Leah, Olivia and Aunt Laura were taking lots and lots of pictures and having lots and lots of fun with our new friends.

A good day’s work and a good day’s fun . . . but back at the resort we found out that ALL the women’s toilets were clogged up! `Yup,’ it did not surprise Brandon, `everyone thinks: oh I just forgot this one time—one little bit of toilet paper won’t matter.’ Well, when everyone thinks that way, we now know what happens! So the men let us use their facilities and my guess is that everyone was more careful.

In the evening after supper we circled up in the ladies’ bedroom because it was raining. We talked about the day and how very grateful we were for Paul coming to help us and for all the relationships we were forming. Renee talked abut the Body of Christ: For as the body is one and has many members, but all the members of that one body, being many, are one body, so also is Christ.  . . . But now God has set the members, each one of them, in the body just as He pleased. . . . those members of the body which seem to be weaker are necessary. . . . the members should have the same care for one another.’ I remembered Brandon’s prayer at the beginning about giving thanks for each one in the group brought here for His purposes. And I remembered the advice my Grandpa gave to me and my mom: `the house will get done by the strong workers of the group; be sure that you take time out to get to know the family and play with the children.’ At the time he said this I did not know what he was talking about but now I know: I was making friends with the children; they were teaching me Spanish! Aunt Laura was building relationships and working on her Spanish too! Each one of us was a necessary and important member of the group. `God has set the members, each one of them, in the body just as He pleased.’ Ron said that he had joy watching my Spanish lesson and I had joy watching the house come together: `I build a house’ . . . well God builds the house; He uses His people to get His work done. I hope God had joy watching His people build the house all together; certainly `He gave us all joy in our hearts’ as we were working.

2 thoughts on “Guatemala Part Four: almost done

  1. I’m so glad that you weren’t sick for too long. The bathroom did look kind of yucky. Working for God with a thankful heart pleases God very much. I know He was smiling at what you were doing for Him, Mathalia.

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