Guatemala here we come!

I graduated from high school on June 1, 2013 and my adult life started Sunday morning on June 2nd and now I am getting ready to go to Guatemala!! On Friday, June 21 my mom says that I need to get up at 4:00 in the morning so that we can get to the airport by 5:00 and catch our plane at 6:00!  I am so excited!! The trip is a graduation present to me from my grandma and grandpa: they are sending me and my mom and my cousin Schyler and his family and my Uncle Jeff on a short mission trip: we will build a house for a family with Casas pro Cristo. My brother, Matthan, and my sister, Morielle, have already done this and now it is my turn!!

So in many ways my life right now is in between adult life and Senior graduation activities. Maybe it should be called young adult fun life because I am still enjoying being a Senior: I get to go on this trip and I get to work with my animals everyday and take them to the fair in August and I get to enjoy all kinds of fun summer activities. Yes, I am still making my pot holders and working at Prudential and at the Writing Center but I am also doing lots of other fun things! It is crazy! I will write all about my activities when I get back from this trip but for now I will show you pictures of packing and getting ready. I also wrote a blog post about an art contest that I entered but for now my other activities will have to wait until I get back. That is all for now!  I have to go out to the garage to find a hammer, tape measure, and tool apron for my Uncle Jeff and then I am off to bed!

3 thoughts on “Guatemala here we come!

  1. Have a REALLY WONDERFUL time in Guatemala, Mathalia. This experience will really be life-changing for you and you will remember it ALWAYS!!! Love, Gingy

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