Fiber Arts Festival

On Friday we got up early because we signed up to volunteer at the Fiber Arts Festival in Hamilton! We picked up our free tickets and then checked in at the animal barn with Sondra. She needed help watering the sheep which was fun. Then we helped our friend Libby get her Cashmere goats into the pen. Each mother goat had a pair of twins. They were so cute! Libby needed a wheelbarrow, rake and shovel so we went to the Fair office to get them. Then we helped Libby set up her booth with pictures of the goats eating Leafy Spurge and bags of their fiber. We waited and waited and waited for more animals to come because we wanted more work but they didn’t come so we went around to each stall and I took pictures of the them with my new camera. It was fun! My mom showed me how to take pictures, and how to go back and look at the picture that I just took. I learned very quickly, she said. So then she started taking picture of me taking pictures. CRAZY! We waited some more and then we went to get some lunch from the 4-H Booth:  breakfast burrito. I forgot my purse so my mom paid for lunch—she said that I had to remember for Saturday and then I could pay for lunch. I won’t forget.

After lunch the very cute alpaca’s came—ohh they are cute! So I took some pictures of them and then I hung out with friends waiting for more animals to come; I made three pot holders which was just perfect because I was hanging out with three friends:  Sondra, Leslie and Molly. I gave them each a pot holder and then we said goodbye to friends and to the animals.  On Saturday is the animal show which will be fun to watch.

That night, after supper, at the Ag. Center I tried to take a picture of my mom running after Domino in the field but I am not sure if you can see her in the picture—she was wearing a grey/black sweatshirt—the the black spot might be a cow or it might be my mom. I suppose she would not like being compared to a cow but from where I was standing. . . and then she fell down on the grass and Domino darted away, yet again. That was funny to see but then she didn’t bring Domino with her when she came back:  I couldn’t catch him today, Mathalia; I am sorry. I showed her that the camera had broken while I was trying to take a picture of her but she said that it was just the battery was exhausted just like on my iPod.  She said that we needed to charge it over night and then it will be all ready to go for Saturday to take pictures at the animal show. Kanga was really nice; he walked with us and he ate treats and he didn’t scream or stop walking with me so that was fun. But then two of his friends got out of the big field!! My mom did not panic—she just knew what to do:  get some feed, lure them into the pen—-they lost the privilege of grazing in the field—-while they were eating, she pushed the gate closed and latched it.  Gotcha!!

My mom running after Domino.

My mom running after Domino.

On Saturday we got up early again and drove down to Hamilton. This time I remembered my purse so that I could buy lunch. On the way down, I made two pot holders and I looked out the window. While we were driving I saw the very pretty mountains with the snow on top and I suggested that I take a picture. My mom was so nice to stop the car, and get my camera out of the bag so that I could take a picture while she was driving.

Picture while driving.

Picture while driving.

We got to the Fiber Festival just in time to meet some new friends with very cute little shetland sheep. They were getting ready for the sheep judging and they needed some volunteers to show their sheep with them. My silly mom volunteered me! So I got to show two shetland sheep. We walked into the arena in a circle each lamb following the next one and then we stopped and tried to hold our lambs so the judge could look at them carefully. My lamb was a little jumpy but it was fun. Then we watched the rest of the sheep judging. It was a lot like the livestock judging that I did in October for FFA.

Then I bought lunch for us: we had pulled pork!  It was delicious. After lunch, I took my spinning wheel in to the spinning circle and I was spinning wool with friends. One friend remembered be from when I was 2 years old! She was so happy to see me and my mom again and she was so excited to see me spinning wool. My mom showed her my locker hooking and the scarves she has made out of my yarn. She remembered me because she is a speech therapist like Mrs. Huffman and she encouraged my mom with speech and language ideas back when I was 2 years old! She and my mom were talking about things while I was spinning my wool. The next thing I did was trade 10 pot holders for a 10 minute massage from my friend Rebecca. First she gave my mom a massage so that I could watch and see how it went and then it was my turn!  It felt good. After that we walked around all the booths and I took pictures of all the pretty colors with my new camera. I saw my friend Ed, my friend Rickie, and the woman who sold me the locker hooking kit last year at the MAWS Conference. She was very excited to see my work, too. On the way out to the car, we stopped again to say `goodbye’ to all the animals. It was a fun day!

I wrote a poem while we were driving in the car:

Fiber Arts Festival

F riends to see

I nto Hamiliton we drive

B athroom water

br E ak before

R egal goats to

A ssist with water and clean pens

R escued llamas

T o visit

S pinning wool into yarn with

F iber Friends

E ating pulled pork with mom

S heep showing to the judge

T alking to friends

I llustrious colors

V isions of projects

A rranged in our heads

L onging to sit down and knit!

One thought on “Fiber Arts Festival

  1. I agree that the mountains are beautiful in Hamilton! I went to junior high and high school in Hamilton. And Kelli was born there. Both of my girls were born there. I’m glad that you did so well and are having a lot of fun!

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