Chicken Coop Drama

I can’t remember if I told all of you that after Spring Break, I bought 8 baby chicks from Murdoch’s.  They were doing very well at the Ag. Center until it got so very cold and snowy in April. My friend Lucas brought them over to his house to keep them warm and protected so I did not see my chicks for about two weeks. My mom was very worried about my not seeing them and holding them for so long. We had been going out to the Ag Center whenever we had some free time so that I could `talk to the chickens’ but we couldn’t visit them when they were staying at Lucas’ house.

So here comes the drama in the chicken coop part of my story—-I really do not think it is a very big deal at all but my mom is still telling this story to friends and she is still giving thanks about it every time she thinks about it or we visit the chicken coop . . . and this story is almost three weeks old! I would think that she would have forgotten about it by now but `No’ not my mom. She will find any excuse to give thanks.

So anyway this is the story: Sunday after church my mom suggested that we check to see if my chicks were back at the Ag Center. Okay; that was fine with me even though we were still in our church clothes. My mom came out of the coop to tell me, `Yes, your chicks are back Mathalia! Do you want to see them?’ I don’t even know if I answered that question or not but the next thing I knew she was pulling me into the chicken coop and there were big chickens everywhere and they were pecking at my church boots and I didn’t like that at all! My mom says I was scared but I was being very brave standing in the corner.  It was the chickens who were being crazy, pecking at my boots and fluttering around me flying up and down from the baby chick box and the baby duck box. She thought I was `freaking out’ but I thought she was the one `freaking out’ when she started to smell smoke from the lamp that had gotten knocked down into the sawdust. She turned off the lights so it was dark in the coop and she stopped trying to get me to hold a chick. But then she she wanted me to get out of the coop fast but I was being careful of the big chickens and I didn’t want to step on them and I didn’t want them to step on my boots so I was not fast enough to make her happy. She was shooing the big chickens back into the coop and she was shooing me out of the coop.  I did not like all this shooing but finally there was a path clear with no bothersome chickens so I could get out of the chicken coop.  My mom closed the door and stayed in there for a long time and I just waited outside wiping off my boots from all the chickens peeking at them. I don’t know exactly what she was doing in there for so long but maybe it had something to do with the little duck that was trying to get out of his box and got stuck in the hole; or maybe it had something to do with the heat lamp that had fallen down into the sawdust; or maybe it had something to do with her phone call to Lucas about burnt sawdust in the little chick box.  I really don’t know why she was in there so long but I do know that when she came out of the chicken coop, she giving thanks big time. Funny mom.

So that is the chicken coop drama.  Since then our visits have been fairly calm except for the time when a chicken got out of the coop and was fluttering around the barn and got under the porch and my mom couldn’t catch him very easily.  She used a piece of wood and got him out from under the porch so she could chase after him better. He was flying around a little so it was sort of funny for me to watch her try to catch the chicken. Finally she did. And she laughed and said, `Oh the crazy things I do like run after fluttering baby chicks just to give you new experiences, Mathalia!.’

So now my chicks are getting bigger and they don’t need a special heat lamp any more and they live with the bigger chickens.  The green nail polish has worn off their feet so we need to repaint their toes sometime. We still know which ones are mine because they are the smallest ones in the coop. I am enjoying the chickens. For whatever reason—maybe just for me—there is a folding chair in the coop so my mom opens it up for me and I sit down and she scoops up a chicken for me to hold in my lap.  Sometimes they even fly up on their own to say `Hi’ to me.  One time I had a chicken walking on my back. My mom thinks I got scared but really I was being very brave.

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