District Music Festival and more FFA Fun

On Thursday my mom picked me up from school and we went to Mrs. Wallace’s house so we could practice my solo, Go Tell Aunt Rhody, and duet, Allegro, for District Music Festival. Mrs. Wallace has a cat named Ian which is funny because I have a friend named Ian. After that we went out to talk to Mr. Venier my Ag. Ed. teacher. He said I was doing well in Ag. Ed.  We took pictures together and we showed my mom the greenhouse with my tomato plants and all the pretty flowers we have been growing. As we were saying `goodbye’ we heard the pigs squealing so we went over to see what was happening:  yes!  They were squealing really loud!  It was crazy:  one of the guys would grab a pig and hold him to get a tag put in his ear—squealing; and then some green paint in the other ear with another clip—more squealing. Ohhhhh they were not happy! It was called the hog weigh-in. They were not cute little piglets anymore but hogs and and wow could they squeal! It was loud! It was fun to watch. Then we checked on the goats and the chickens:  Lucas still has my chicks at his house because it has been so cold but the other bigger chickens were doing fine.
At home we quickly changed our clothes and headed to the Dana Gallery for the Aerie International Reading. It was fun! I saw lot of Creative Writing friends. They had some very fancy food—fancy chips with dip, little pastries, little kabobs, and some fancy rice too. Then we listened to friends from Big Sky read some poems and other people read some of their poems. Then we took a break and they served some fancy ice cream and lots of different kinds of cookies. I took a little ice-cream and one chocolate coconut cookie. It was good—a little messy on my mouth; my mom kept motioning for me to wipe my face. It was good and well worth the effort.  I saw lots of friends from Big Sky and I saw Jessica from The Writing Center. We listened to poetry and looked at the nice paintings in the Gallery. I got a three-word poem:  a periwinkle butterfly on a canoe. It was nice. I like poetry. Then we had to leave because tt was early to bed for me because of Festival the next day.
Friday morning I got up early and put my pretty dress back on and then we went to Hellgate. David was already there waiting for us. We were on time! I played my solo, Go Tell Aunt Rhody, with Mrs. Wallace accompanying me; then David and I played Allegro with Mrs. Wallace accompanying us; then David and Mrs. Haarvig played Greensleeves together.  t sounded really nice!  Good job!  I gave Mrs. Wallace, David, and the adjudicator a pot holder. Everyone said I did a great job. My violin teacher, Heidi, Mrs. Haarvig, Mrs. Wallace and the adjudicator all said that I sounded a lot stronger and better than last year. It was fun! And then we were off to the next thing:  my mom said that we had no time to celebrate because of FFA but that we would go to the restaurant for supper to celebrate a my wonderful playing at Festival.  So we hurried home, changed into Official Dress for FFA, and met friends at the Ag. Center. We were all going to use the day off from school to fundraise for our banquet. My mom was our taxi and our first stop was Ivy at DejaNu and of course, she supported us and bought an ad. We went to lots of other businesses and had some success. It was fun to hang out with friends and work for FFA. We took a break at Costco and I ate a hotdog. It was delicious.  
Then my mom brought me home to change my clothes to work at The Writing Center. I called Gretchen to tell her that I would be a little late. My mom dropped me off so that I would not have to walk so far.  When I arrived, I found Jake on MY computer!  So I said, `excuse me, how long will you be?’  He said, `I have about 5-10 more minutes of work and then you can have the computer, Mathalia.’  So I picked up some WPA Exams to work on while I waited for the computer. My mom said that it is important to work while I am on the job—don’t sit around waiting but get to work; find something useful to do! So I did.
After work, we went to the U-C to see our Art Fair friends. I did not sign up for the U-C Spring Art Fair because I am so very busy because this is my Senior Year but I wanted to say `Hi’ to all my friends. They said that they missed me and that some of my regular customers were asking about where I was. My regular spot was empty! 
Then my mom and dad took me out to eat at the restaurant to celebrate my fabulous District Festival playing on the violin. It was fun.  I had a salad with curry noodles and a roll with butter. Then my dad and I went to the Library to see the movie Lincoln—-my mom went home to bed because she was tired and a little sick. The movie was so sad. There was war and fighting and at the end Lincoln was dead. It was so sad.
On Saturday, there was no swimming so I stayed home all day long.  My mom was very happy about this.  We did laundry; I made pot holders; we worked on inventory on the computer; we wrote a blog post; and we listened to The Iliad.  It was a very nice relaxing stay-at-home kind of a day.
On Sunday, after church, I went to the store and made prints of my pictures for Creative Writing class. I wrote a check to pay for the prints. I put them in my Creative Writing folder.  At home I caught up on e-mails, made some more pot holders and worked on my Senior Project. Sunday was a relaxing day too which was nice because the next week was going to be crazy fun with Special Olympics and two special dinners.  In my next blog, I will tell you all about these events. Bye for now.  My Creative Writing Photos:

2 thoughts on “District Music Festival and more FFA Fun

  1. Hi Mathalia, WOW! You are one very busy gal!! Congrats on the great results of your violin adjudication. Our granddaughters have gone through that process recently with their flutes.
    I like your photos for Creative Writing! And now you have Special Olympics and special dinners coming up next week. What fun! Isn’t it amazing how busy Senior Year can be?
    Love, Gingy

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