My Birthday Week!

My Birthday was on Monday, April 8 but the celebration started on Sunday, the 7th:  I made a double batch of Date-Nut Cake to share with my friends in English Class and my friends at Prudential. And then I got ready to go back to school after a very full Spring Break.  I packed my things for my Blue Day classes and I went to bed early.  Someone called at about 9:00; my mom took the phone because I was already in bed:
Hi, is Mathalia there?
Well, she just posted a blog so I thought I could wish her a Happy Birthday.
Oh. That is really nice but she is tired from Spring Break and needs to be fresh for school tomorrow.  Can you wish her Happy Birthday at school tomorrow?  May I ask who is calling, so I can tell her in the morning?
This is Morielle.
MORIELLE!  What?  Really?  Morielle?
This is crazy!  Really?  You are calling from China?
Yup!  I have lots of minutes that I need to use up.
Yikes! I can’t even recognize the voice of my own daughter on the telephone!   Of course, you can wish Mathalia a Happy Birthday!
So that is how I got to talk to Morielle the night before my Birthday.  She said that it was already my birthday in China.  So she started the celebration early for me:  `Happy Birthday, Mathalia!  I wish I could celebrate with you!  I will be eager to see your Birthday Blog Post.’   Silly mom!  I almost missed being able to talk to my sister on my birthday.
On Monday I continued to celebrated my 19th Birthday:  My grandma and grandpa sent me an e-card which means that I watched it on the computer.  I had time before the bus picked me up for school.  At school with my friends I shared my Date-Nut Cake.  And at home with my mom and dad we had a quick supper and very short and quick celebration because I had an FFA Meeting.  I asked for Taco Salad and German Chocolate Cake.  My mom was very happy about the Taco Salad—glad that I did not ask for something like homemade pizza! I wanted to open presents but there was no time but I did have time to read `Happy Birthday’ messages from friends on the computer. Thank you, friends! I quickly changed into Official Dress for FFA. I didn’t have time to write back because we had to rush off to the meeting; my mom got excited about seeing the baby chicks so we had to look at them and talk to friends about chickens.  Finally,  we got home and I was so tired that I went right to bed.
Tuesday was a regular day except at Prudential I shared my Birthday Cake with friends there.  And Gina and all my friends gave me a present:  a lucky bamboo plant—it looks like a little bamboo tree and it makes me think of China where Morielle is living right now.  It is easy to take care of: I just have to keep it well watered.  I am excited!  It is in a cute little pot with three little frogs holding the pot.  I put it in the living room so we can all enjoy it.
On Wednesday, at Special Olympics Soccer practice, the soccer ball hit me right in the face.  It really startled me and sort of `stunned’ me as my mom said.  I just wanted a hug and didn’t want to talk.  My friend Kenzie told my mom that I got my picture taken as one of the `Inspiring Students’ at Big Sky High School that day.  She was pretty excited and was `giving thanks’ about it.  I was mostly `stunned ‘ by the soccer ball and I was pretty quiet in the car riding home—not telling my mom anything about my day—-so she suggested that we drop by the glasses shop to get my glasses adjusted.  I felt a lot better after the technician fixed my glasses.  After dinner, I went to violin lesson and practiced my pieces for District Music Festival on April 19th.  I will play `Go Tell Aunt Rhody’ and maybe `Allegro’.
Thursday I skipped taking the bus to school because we went to Murdoch’s to buy some baby chicks!  We saw my friend Gabby’s mom and talked about chickens some more!  Crazy!  I chose 8 baby chicks;  2 Mericana’s; 2 Buff Orphington’s; 2 Barred Rocks; and 2 Polish . . . something, I forgot. They are cute–they have a little tuff on their heads.  Grandpa and Uncle Jeff were at the FFA Farm when we got there—they wanted to see my baby chicks too.  We painted their toes with green fingernail polish so that I will know which ones are mine.  Lucas and Jamie were really nice showing us how to put the chickens in with the other ones so that they could make friends.  We said `goodbye’ and I went off to Orchestra Class—I was a little late.
Thursday evening Grandma and Grandpa and Uncle Jeff picked me up from swimming practice and we had Taco Salad and German Chocolate Cake again—this time I had more candles to blow out and presents!  I got lots of cute clothes, a new puzzle and some money.  It was fun!
On Sunday after church, we went out to pet the baby chicks again.  My mom thinks that they are growing already.  She took some pictures and we will put them on my next blog.  I took my new puzzle to Grandma and Grandpa’s house and we put it together.  Grandpa thought it had a giraffe and alligator in the picture but really it was a stone chimney and a tree!  Silly Grandpa. And, of course, Grandpa hid 2 puzzle pieces and of course I found them!  So it was a very fun Birthday week:  started on Sunday with a phone call from Morielle and it ended on the next Sunday doing my new puzzle at grandma and grandpa’s house.
That's a chimney not a giraffe!

That’s a chimney not a giraffe!

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