Spring Break, Part 4

`It’s wonderful to be home so early in the week, Mathalia; now we have time to get some work done.’  Work?!  Well, okay BUT we are also going to relax and so we did!

On Wednesday we were unpacking our stuff and Morielle called from China!  So we stopped unpacking and talked to her and told her all about our trip.  Then grandma called and said that Chester and Rona were visiting so we let everything go and visited Chester and Rona.  I am very excited about going to their farm in Ekalaka this summer to live and work.  Rona said that I can take care of her chickens:  give them food and water and collect their eggs.  Oh No!  Chickens again!  Rona showed me her chicken catalog and we talked about chicken coops and different kinds of chickens and eggs.  She also asked about my Prom Dress because she had read about it on the blog and wants to see a picture of it.

Thursday morning we went lap swimming at the Grizzly Pool and then we went to Joseph’s Coat to spin wool with the Thursday Spinners.  It was really fun to see old friends and spin some yarn.  Sharon was there and gave my mom some more ideas for my locker-hooking projects.   I guess my Senior Project will never end . . . always something new to learn.  My spinning friends were showing different hats that they had made and I got to model them all.  It was fun!

In the afternoon we went to the library to get books and movies.  My mom checked out some books on  . . .  chickens in the city!  😉

Friday morning we worked really hard on my Senior Project.  It seemed like we were at the computer all morning:  typing a lot and then printing and then we would find mistakes so I would type some more and then print again and then check again.  The plan was to eat lunch at 12:00 then my mom pushed it to 12:30 and then at 12:30 she said—just one more section, Mathalia—section 5 and then we will stop.  Well, okay but this is the last time to delay lunch!  In the end I am glad that we pushed ourselves: we made a lot of progress on my Portfolio.  It is almost done. It feels good.  Then Friday afternoon we took the whole afternoon off:  no work for me!  I think my mom was finally unpacking and putting away our trip stuff in the basement and in the attic but I was relaxing:  I listened to Voyage of the Dawn Treader and I did some locker-hooking which I find very relaxing.

Saturday morning it was back to work again–this time it was my Senior Project Presentation.  We worked on the PowerPoint, the text, and the photos and I practiced speaking loudly and clearly into the microphone.  We had to stop at 12:30  because we had to get ready to volunteer at MCT.  They needed my mom to be House Manager and me to usher.  So I got to see Alice in Wonderland twice on Saturday afternoon—that was very fun and relaxing.

On Sunday after church, I wanted to usher for Alice in Wonderland again AND I wanted to finish listening to Voyage of the Dawn Treader and I wanted to bake a cake to share with friends at school. My mom said I could not do it all so I skipped ushering.  It was hard.  I was thinking about the Sunday cast and their performance all afternoon.  I am sure that they had fun!  I got to finish listening to my book and I baked my cake to share with friends on Monday because Monday, April 8 is my 19th Birthday!  I am excited!  I will celebrate a little with my parents but we will have a bigger celebration with grandma and grandpa and Uncle Jeff later in the week—I told you he can show up at anytime and anyplace just as long as there is an airport nearby.  Fun! Fun!

So that is what we did after we got home from our trip.  Well . . . that’s not all because I practiced my violin every day getting ready for my District Solo and Duet April 19th AND I made sure that we wrote a blog post every day, well almost every day—even when my mom was very tired,  I said we gotta write on the Blog, because I kept a journal of our trip and you promised.  So we did.  This is the last installment of my Spring Break adventures.

Tomorrow is the beginning of the countdown:  it’s my Birthday AND graduation is June 1st:  18 more Gold Days and 18 more Blue Days and then Big Sky High School will be all done for me.  My mom said that things are going to be really really CRAZY and she said that she is glad that we got so much done on my Senior Project during Spring Break because the next few weeks are going to be very fun with lots of end-of-year activities:  Senior Project work, Prom, Special Olympics, FFA with a goat and maybe chickens.  YIKES!   And she said that it is important that we enjoy it all, the craziness, the stress, everything because . . .   `the end of the matter is better than its beginning’  Hah!  I wonder where she got that quotation  :-)!  She said that it is important for us at all times and in all places—crazy times, fun times, stressful times, all times—to give thanks, most especially  not to forget, not even for a moment . . . to give thanks.  I suppose this means that we will be going through lots of kleenex boxes . . .

This one is for Rona!

This one is for Rona!

2 thoughts on “Spring Break, Part 4

  1. I hope I get to eat a little bit of your very special birthday cake tomorrow! You look so pretty in your prom dress. You are very blessed, Mathalia, to have the mama that you have. She is a loving and wise woman. I’m excited about your summer adventure in Ekalaka. You have a lot of experience with chickens from your Ag class! You will have a wonderful summer! You inspire me with all you do. I hope you know that! I am blessed from knowing YOU!

  2. You look beautiful in your prom dress! It is a classic. Happy birthday! Your teen years will be over before you know it. Enjoy them while they are here. I agree with Debbie regarding your mom. She is a gem. Enjoy these final weeks of high school.

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