Spring Break, Part 3

Monday morning!  We got up at 6:00, ate breakfast, checked out of the hotel, and headed to Disneyland! I was so excited! I bought my own ticket and the ticket seller took my picture through the Mickey Mouse window and she gave me a button: Honorary Citizen of Disneyland. The first person we saw was Sleeping Beauty so we stopped to take a picture with her. She was very beautiful with a pretty smile and very nice.

Two years ago when I went with my mom and dad and we had lots of fun but this time Uncle Jeff came a long too so things were a little different. He immediately wanted to go to Space Mountain: `Do you want to go to Space Mountain, Mathalia?’ he asked me. `Yes!’ Well, my mom was a little worried about that because I say `yes’ to just about everything AND because I had never been on a really scary, in-the-dark kind of roller coaster before but she said that it was okay to try, `We have pushed Mathalia her whole life, why hold her back from trying Space Mountain.’  So off we went to get in line.  It was great!  Uncle Jeff looked back at me at the end of the ride and I was smiling.  After that we headed for The Matterhorn!  I thought it was great having Uncle Jeff along this time.  But I was a little disappointed because we did not have enough time to go to some of my favorite rides:  Peter Pan, Pinocchio, Alice in Wonderland and Winnie-the-Pooh.  But we did go to my all-time favorite:  Snow White and I was wearing my MCT Snow White t-shirt so that was really fun.

At lunch time we had another very fun Uncle Jeff experience:  we were sitting on the New Orleans Square eating lunch out of our backpacks and Uncle Jeff noticed that an employee delivering bread had a little accident and four loaves of bread fell on the ground!  He jumped right up and walked over to see if he could pick them up before anyone else. Nope!  The employee picked them up and put them back on the cart. Uncle Jeff was disappointed but he was not finished yet. We kept eating and talking but he was watching those four loaves of bread. So when they were quietly thrown in the garbage can, he jumped back up again, walked over and retrieved them before someone dumped coke or something on them to make them soggy. He goes by the 5-second rule so they were still okay.

For supper we bought some BBQ chicken and beef to eat with our fresh loaves of bread! Delicious!

My favorite ride was Pirates of the Caribbean. I also liked Indiana Jones and Star Wars. We stayed until it was dark and we got to see Cinderella’s Castle with the pretty lights but we were all tired so we left before the light show and before the fireworks. It was a very fun day. I was just a little disappointed that I missed Peter Pan but my mom said that was because we had so much fun on the crazy more adult rides that we missed last time.

As we were putting gas in the car, we saw the pretty fireworks around the castle.  It was fun.  Then we got in the car and we drove and drove and drove and when I woke up, we were in Utah again!  CRAZY. We ate breakfast at McDonalds and I had an ice-cream cone after I ate my Egg McMuffin.  It’s great fun traveling with Uncle Jeff! We dropped him off at Salt Lake City Airport and he flew home to Phoenix.  He can do that because he is a pilot.  He doesn’t need a ticket, he just needs to get dropped off at any airport.

Ice cream cone for breakfast!

Ice cream cone for breakfast!

On the way home, I made 20 more pot holders, I listened to The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, and I looked out the window at the pretty scenery.  I like to look for the `Welcome to Montana’ sign.  It was late when we got home and I was tired but I made time to change all the calendars for my mom:  we had left home in March and we returned in April. I started to unpack my stuff but my mom said that putting things away could wait until morning.  It felt good to sleep in my own bed.

One thought on “Spring Break, Part 3

  1. The last time I was at Disneyland, the first ride I went on was Space Mountain. It made me very motion sick. My favorite ride is also The Pirates of the Caribbean. When we went there last, I rode on it two times. I’m so glad that you had a lot of fun during your break!

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