Spring Break, Part 1

Last Wednesday—just one week ago we left for California to see Matthan and we are already back home. CRAZY!! I am very excited to write my blog posts about our trip. I took notes everyday so that I would remember what to write about. I have many things to tell you and we took lots of pictures!

Wednesday last week. I went to school for one day after my Consumer Advisory Council Meeting. My mom picked me up from school because we had to go to an FFA Meeting about taking animals to the Fair in August. We learned about goats and we saw the baby chicks that Lucas and Jamie had in the classroom. My mom got all excited and started asking lots of questions which was CRAZY! I just wanted to get home, pack the car and go but she wanted to learn about how to take care of chickens. Silly mom. So finally, I just went out to the car to wait for her. And then when she was ready to go, she didn’t know where I was and she was looking all over for me—she should have known that I wanted to get going! At home I helped pack the car and then as we were driving down Arthur, I remembered: I forgot glasses case; I forgot retainer; I forgot toothbrush and toothpaste!  So we turned around and I went in the house to get my stuff. My mom said it was good I remembered before we got too far away from home. I think going to school and FFA meeting, got me a little confused. Usually, I remember to pack everything I need. Anyway, in the car  I started making pot holders and even after it got dark, I kept making pot holders until I had made an even 10 pot holders. Then I took a nap in the car and when I woke up we were still driving so I guess we skipped the part about the hotel.

Thursday.  I woke up and we were in Utah!  We ate breakfast at McDonalds in St. George.  My mom and I brushed our teeth in the bathroom and combed our hair and then we felt ready to go again.  I made more pot holders and I listened to The Voyage of the Dawn Treader.  We skipped The Iliad which was fine with me. I think my mom read it all by herself in the back of the car.  Then we were in Los Angeles! Wow that was quick! We picked Matthan up for dinner at the restaurant.  We chose our own toppings for a pizza and they made it right there and then baked it very fast. It was good. After that we went to a party with Matthan’s Navigator friends. They were decorating eggs: I colored eggs:  pink, orange, blue, and green; I put stickers on eggs; I put on a sticker with Matthan’s friends.  I was still working on eggs when my mom and dad wanted to go to the hotel.  They were tired from driving.

Friday.  We went to the Modern Art Museum in Los Angeles. LACMA.  We saw an exhibit on Stanley Kubrick.  Because Matthan is studying film he was very excited about it. My mom said that the red chairs are very famous and that we should watch that movie sometime.  She did not think that I had seen The Shining because it was too scary she said.  I think I could handle it.  I have seen lots of scary movies and I am very brave.  🙂  Anyway, we also saw some famous paintings:  This is not a pipe;  this is a picture of a pipe.  Campbells Soup Can; some Rembrandt which was like pictures we had seen in The Netherlands this summer.  We saw Metropolitan II which was lots of little cars going around and around sort of like the city of Los Angeles.

We walked around campus and looked at USC School of Cinematic Arts.  We saw lots of movie posters which was fun.  Matthan made supper for us and then we went to Nav Night with Matthan’s friends: singing, Bible Study, and then hunting for Easter Eggs in the dark on USC Campus.  I found five Easter eggs:  I found eggs in a tree; I found eggs in the grass; I found eggs on the benches.  It was not easy but I had help from Matthan—he had hidden them so he knew where to look!  We went back to the hotel early because we were tired.

That’s all for today!  I am tired and I am headed for bed.  I will continue my blog posts about Spring Break tomorrow or Friday.

2 thoughts on “Spring Break, Part 1

  1. That was great, Mathalia! I know about Navigators. It is an excellent group! I’m glad you had fun.

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