An EXTRA-Ordinary Week

practicing at home on Saturday

Practicing at home on Saturday

I had wanted to tell all of you about a `normal’ week in my life but that post will have to wait.  This week is crazy and it has barely gotten started!   Well, I suppose that it started on Saturday when I had to practice my Webinar presentation in between everything else I was doing:  swim practice in the morning; homework, emails and ushering at MCT’s Steel Magnolias in the afternoon.  Steel Magnolias was a great play—very funny and very sad.  I liked it a lot because it was all about haircuts and I thought that was very fun because I like to go to the hairdresser to get my hair cut.

On Monday morning, I did not go to school.  I slept in a little bit and then I did laundry and started packing for our trip.  Then my mom dropped me off at the Rural Institute and Ellen recorded my presentation.  I presented my power point about how I use Assistive Technology to be independent during my daily life.  I talked about using my Time-Timer at the Grizzly pool to know when I need to get out of the water after lap swim; or if I have get out early from club swimming.  I talked about my bus destination file box where I keep all my little cards that I use to show the bus driver the destination where I want to get off the bus:  library, Missoula Children’s Theater, Prudential, The University, or home.  I talked about how I use my iPOD Touch to get up on time  in the morning or sleep—or at least stay in bed–longer than 4:00 a.m. when I am excited about my day.  I talked about my notebook that I use when I make my pot holder deliveries around town.  Sometimes it is hard to hear me when the environment is busy with lots of people.  I talked about how I use my Time-Timer Watch when I am working so I know when to stop working, clean up and sign out and go home.

On Tuesday I got to sleep in again because we had another day of meetings.  My friend Maclaen picked me up because my mom had to come a little late.  It was really fun to see my old friends and meet new friends and have the meeting.  I listened and I talked a lot.  I talked about my favorite teachers and why I liked them so much.  I got to learn more about the iPAD and other assistive technology devices such as swivel chairs and handles to help people get in and out of cars.  We learned about making good food choices.  I had to chose food to eat on a plate.  It looked like real bread but when I picked it up, it felt really funny and rubbery.  I did not want to eat it!  For vegetables I chose green beans; for fruit I chose strawberries; for protein I chose tuna fish; for starch I chose bread.  I took a picture of my plate when it was all full.  Then I looked at the picture on the camera.  It was kind of fun.  My mom wants to go shopping to get some of those cool kinds of plates.

So it was two whole days of meetings, seeing friends, eating delicious lunches and learning new information about my life after high school–my adult life.  My mom asked about a microphone for me. They had one that we could check out for a month.  I am going to try it out to see if people can understand me better if I have a microphone.  Everyone said I spoke loudly and clearly during my presentation when I had a microphone so maybe it will help me in my daily life talking to friends and strangers I meet.  At least we can try it out without buying it first–it is very expensive:  $900!

After the meeting my mom wanted to go home and take a nap BUT I reminded her that we were supposed to go to DejaNu to look for prom dresses.  She did not want to do this and she tried to talk me out of it but I wanted to stick with the plan.  And so we did.  And I am so glad!  I loved the first dress I tried on—it was perfect.  Ivy found a pretty sweater to go with it and a very classy diamond-looking necklace.  I looked fabulous!  My mom took some pictures to send to my sister, Morielle, in China.  We could post them on my website but it might be bad luck to post pictures BEFORE Prom.   I don’t know—what do you think?  Would it be bad luck to show all of you my pretty prom dress before May 11? (Click here to read about Prom.)

So now I have only one day of school this week and then California here we come.  On Wednesday I have to remember lots and lots of paperwork for my classes AND I get to go out to the FFA Barn and buy an animal that I will take care of and then take to the fair in August.  After this excitement, we will get in the car and start driving.  I am excited to see Matthan and hang out with him and his USC friends.  It will be fun.  In the car I will make lots of pot holders and my mom wants to listen to the Iliad.   What a crazy, wonderful, exciting week!

4 thoughts on “An EXTRA-Ordinary Week

  1. Sounds like a busy week! I am looking forward to seeing your prom dress. I am sure you will look very pretty in it.

  2. I am glad you can make a nice presentation and use an Ipod and other technology. I am also glad you are going on a trip to California. Be Safe and have a lot of fun! I don’t think a picture of the prom dress would be bad luck if you show us early but then I am an impatient person. I know you will look beautiful!

  3. WOW, Mathalia!! Reading about all you’ve done (and we’re only halfway through the week!) makes ME tired 🙂 You accomplished a LOT!!! Your dress for Prom sounds lovely! We will be in England on a walking vacation on May 11 but I’ll see the pictures when we get home (or maybe over there on Pete’s laptop). I’m wondering what kind of animal you will choose? That will be a GREAT experience for you! IO also wanted to tell you that we saw Steel Magnolias on Sunday afternoon and LOVED it!! A nice combination of happy and sad. The set was wonderful and the actresses all did such a good job in their roles.
    Wishing you a safe and fun drive to CA. Please tell Matthan that Pete and Gingy send him their best wishes. Thanks!!
    Love, Gingy

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