My Presidents’ Day Weekend

On Friday I watched James Bond Skyfall at the library with my mom and dad.  I saw fighting, a fire and lots of shooting and at the end it was so sad.  On Saturday I was so excited because I got to usher for MCT’s Aladdin play.   I couldn’t be an actor this time because I was doing high school swimming but ushering is the best thing if you can’t be in the show.  I wanted to usher all four shows!   I was looking for my clothes: black pants and white sweater but I couldn’t find my black pants.  My mom found my skort but the button was off and it was dirty.  So I sewed the button on almost all by myself.  My mom helped a little but then I washed it and dried it all by myself.  It was such a nice day that my mom wanted to walk to MCT.  On Saturday my mom and I walked to MCT together.   We were careful about checking for cars at the crosswalks and pushing the buttons when there was a stop light.  First we went to the library and then I walked from the Library to MCT all by myself.  I ushered with Carol as the House Manager for the 3:00 show.  My mom came to House Manage for the 5:00 show and then we went home together.  
On Sunday, I walked to MCT all by myself.  My mom was very proud of me but I would like to tell her that I was very proud of HER when she did NOT call MCT checking up on me to see if I got there on time.  So there it is:  I covered both Sunday shows all by myself!  Maybe that is the bigger deal:   three years ago, when I was a Freshman I remember when we started volunteering at MCT, my mom had to be with me the whole time and now that I am a Senior I simply say `good bye’ to my mom at the door and leave her to her Greek and Hebrew.  After the shows I called her on my cell phone to ask her to pick me up—I could have walked home on my own but it was dark and I was hungry, maybe next time!  I said:  please pick me up now.  I am at MCT.  So I got to see the show four times.  There was a funny donkey who was singing and dancing and a princess in the castle.  There were lots of penguins.  It was fun.  I saw friends and I handed out programs.
On Monday I went to lap swimming with my mom.  I am excited to go back to Missoula Aquatic Club swimming in March but lap swimming is second best to coached swimming.  Then I got a haircut.  It feels better.
In the afternoon I went to the Ad Ed Center and hung out with friends:  FFA friends and new friends.  We decorated cookies and ate a snack.  We rode the wagon.  Austin was driving the tractor.  He was very careful.  No one fell off the wagon.  I gave hay to the cows.  The cows were eating the hay.  Then we went to look at the baby pigs.  They were growing bigger and bigger.  Some of them were sleeping and some of them were drinking milk from their mother and some of them were fighting with each other;  well, my mom said that they were playing.  I got to hold a baby pig and I touched a lamb and I touched a rabbit.  It was very fun.
I like Presidents’ Day:  No school!  I hope my mom has time to read The Hobbit with me before it is time to go to bed.
Tuesday night is the Swim Banquet at Sentinel High School.  I am very excited because I am a Senior.  I suppose that I need to be prepared to have a silly mom and maybe a silly dad tonight.
I ride on the wagon and feed the cows.

I ride on the wagon and feed the cows.

I like squealing pigs.

I like squealing pigs.

4 thoughts on “My Presidents’ Day Weekend

  1. Hi Mathalia, I loved your Presidents’ Weekend blog and think it is GREAT that you walked all the way to MCT from your house, by yourself. I’m sure the Swim Banquet last night was wonderful and that you received awards!!! And if your parents were “silly”, you know why! It was because they were SO PROUD of you!!!!! Love, Gingy

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