Of Pirates and Pigs

On Friday I got to see Gretchen in The Writing Center again; I had been a long time. She was excited about my newspaper article. I did very well on the job: Kelly had written me a note about changes in the log-in slips and I did it all by myself. My mom was very happy about this. Walking home I told my mom: What did you do in Culinary Arts today? I made biscuits. And then I ate one biscuit with strawberry jam.

After unpacking my stuff, I pulled out my dress-up box in the attic. I looked through my dress-up books and found a pirate idea. My mom helped me make a cloth into a head kerchief that pirates like to wear and we found a belt too. We were looking for a dagger—Matthan used to have lots of them!  But we couldn’t find any in his bedroom and he isn’t around to make me one.  I miss Matthan!  Anyway, at the concert they gave me an eye patch so I looked like a real pirate even without a dagger. It was fun! There were lots of pirates and the Conductor had a crazy pirate costume. I didnʼt even recognize him and he talked very funny. He said ARRRRR a lot. It was funny. Mostly I liked the concert; some of the music did not sound very good but the bad parts did not last very long.  They really messed up Beethoven and Mozart but at the end they played Pirates of the Caribbean and they did a good job!  I saw lots of friends: church friends, my pastor, and my swim coach. It was fun!

after the concert: my turn to say ARRRRR!

after the concert: my turn to say ARRRRR!

On Saturday I had swim practice and walked home all by myself. I remembered my key! After lunch we put on our work clothes because we wanted to help FFA friends with the new baby pigs. We drove to the FFA Farm but there were no friends. Still my mom wanted to see the baby pigs.

I told my mom that the baby pigs were that way . . .

I told my mom that the baby pigs were that way . . .

`Are you sure?ʼ `Yes.ʼ So we walked all the way to the barn on the slippery ice and my mom laughed and laughed:

big pigs

Mathalia, these are rather big baby pigs. I want to see the new baby pigs, the little ones. Where are they?ʼ Well, I didnʼt know but we walked around and kept looking and listening and finally my mom found them in one of the barns. We found mother pigs with the babies and they were very little and very cute and they were making lots of noise sucking their milk and it was very fun. But we were too late to help friends. FFA friends were all gone and the work was all done. Everything was nice and clean and tidy–all cleaned up. My mom was a little disappointed about not being able to work but she was very happy about finding the very little baby pigs.

 the really little baby pigs

the really little baby pigs

And then I went to a play at the University: Biloxi Blues. I saw swimming friends and Coach Sarah. The play was funny; there was a gun and there was fighting. On Sunday I went to church and I did some homework before I went to Grandmaʼs house. Grandpa was not there because he went on a trip so we didnʼt play Muggins.  We did a puzzle but it was kind of boring because Grandpa wasnʼt there to hide the pieces for me to find. I missed my Silly Grandpa!

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