Happy New Year

My New Year’s Day:  well, I need to start talking about my New Year’s Eve.  I went swimming with my high school team in the morning and then I ate lunch at home.  I wanted to stay home and relax but grandma wanted me to come over and try on clothes so that she could alter them to fit me better.  I really did not want to go but my mom said that we could `be quick’ and then go to the library and then go home and relax.  So I changed my mind:  I tried on all my new clothes and some of my old clothes so that grandma could look at them and pin them up because sometimes the sleeves and pant legs are too long and my grandma thinks I look sloppy.

We stopped by the library but they were closed so we went home!  My special thing for New Year’s Eve was reading The Hobbit with my mom!  I went to bed early but before I did, I changed my mom’s calendar to January.  I hope she was surprised in the morning when she got up.  It was my way of saying `Happy New Year, mom. I love you. It’s going to be a great year!’

And in the morning it was 2013!  I was so excited because this is my year to graduate.  It is finally my turn.  First Morielle in 2008; then Matthan in 2010; and Morielle again in 2012; Finally this year it is my turn. Happy New Year everyone! I am so excited because this is my year.

Grandma had invited us over for New Year’s Day dinner but I wanted to stay home AND my mom did not try to change my mind! I watched The Rose Bowl Parade on the computer because the T.V. didn’t work.  I worked on locker-hooking while I was watching and my mom was helping me.  After lunch we warped my new loom together.  First I threaded the threads through the reed—-every other hole; then through the heddles:  first heddle, second heddle, third heddle and fourth heddle and again and again and again until we had all 126 threads through the little heddles.   It was hard to keep my eyes on the little threads and the little holes but I helped my mom finish the whole thing.  She was very proud of me!

Bye for now and Happy 2013!

working on the loom in the attic

working on the loom in the attic

threading the heddles with my hook

threading the heddles with my hook


weaving rugs on my newly warped loom

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