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My Very Fun Long Weekend With Winter Special Olympics

Two ribbons and one medal for skiing and snowshoeing!

Two ribbons and one medal for skiing and snowshoeing!

I had a fun weekend with no school on Monday and Special Olympics on Tuesday and Wednesday! So this week I have only two days of school: one Gold Day and one Blue Day. I am tired but I am excited to wear my medals to show my friends at school. Anyway, I had a busy weekend and a time to catch-up at least a little; my mom likes it when we get paperwork done!

So on Friday I got home and found the schedule for my swim meet in Helena on the table waiting for me. That made me excited to get ready for Saturday. So I packed my stuff all by myself! And then I went hunting for my mom. She was in the attic working. I joined her and did a little weaving on my big loom. There was something wrong with foot treadle #3 so my mom helped me a little but mostly I was weaving all by myself. Then I was going to make some pot holders but I changed my mind and asked my mom to read The Hobbit with me. It was scary. The gobblins came into the cave and took all their packages, baggages and ponies too. I went to bed early and got up at 5:00. My mom said it was too early but I wanted to get ready all by myself. The only thing my mom helped me with is a pillow: she asked me if I would like a pillow so I could sleep on the bus. I said `yes.’

My mom said that this was my last regular swim meet and that she remembered driving Morielle and Matthan to Sentinel parking lot for their meets. This would be the last time for the early Saturday morning drive. It was very dark and gloomy with fog. I saw the pretty moon and I saw my mom crying: `what are you doing?’ `I am giving thanks; could you hand me a kleenex, please.’ silly mom.

On Sunday Grandma and Grandpa were sick and the piglets at the FFA Farm had not come yet so we stayed home and worked on homework. Then when we were done doing our paperwork, we finished watching The Dark Knight Rises. There was a football game and The Star Spangled Banner and I liked that part and then the game went crazy with guns and shooting and people screaming. It was scary. What happened is more guns and shooting and funny flying cars. And then it was sad at the memorial service.

I went to Winter Special Olympics on Tuesday and Wednesday. I rode the bus and watched a movie. I went nordic skiing and I went snow shoeing; I did not ride the snowmobile and I did not ride the sleigh or go sledding. Then I went to the hotel and had the dinner and the dance. I ate pasta, salad, bread, cake and ice cream. Then we had the dance. I got to wear my prom dress again because the theme was `It’s a Formal Affair.’  My roommate, Jade, told my mom that I was the dancing queen again. It was fun! I slept in the hotel room with Jade and on Wednesday I went skiing again and snowshoeing again. I won two ribbons and one medal. It was fun. I rode the bus home and watched another movie. My mom came to get me and we went home. I told her everything that we did in the car. At home I unpacked my stuff and packed for a Gold Day. And then we ate supper and we heard a noise:  what’s that funny noise?  It was Morielle calling on the computer!  It is called FaceTime. So my mom put the computer on the desk and we talked to Morielle while we ate our supper. It was almost like having her home for dinner except that she had just gotten up in the morning. I showed her my jar of applesauce and she wanted me to pass it right through the computer so she could eat some for her breakfast! We said `goodbye’ on the computer and then I got ready for bed because I was very tired.

My Very Fun Missoula Invitational Swim Meet Weekend!

100 meter breast stroke race

100 meter breast stroke race

Missoula Invitational Swim Meet 2013 is my turn! I remember when it was Matthan’s turn: 2010. I remember taking a picture with Matthan, mom and Mathalia. It was fun! This year it was my turn to take a picture with mom and dad. Grandma and grandpa were there too. Grandma was taking pictures with friends: Mathalia and Jenny; Mathalia and Caelin. And then they called my name and Kathleen Ward took my picture with mom and dad and by myself and with my senior friends.  It was so fun!

And then Dan at KPAX took my picture with a big camera and he clipped a little microphone on my sweatshirt and then he talked to me about swimming and about violin and then he talked to my mom about swimming and about violin and about everybody cheering for me. She cried a little. silly mom.

Jenny wrote my races on my arm so I was on-time: 50-free, 200 relay, 100 breast. I remembered swoosh—no poufs. My mom was happy about that–no D.Q.’s. silly mom–it doesn’t matter!

On Sunday I went to church and everybody was talking about the newspaper and I didn’t understand until we got home and my mom showed me my name in the newspaper about Hellgate Girls! I was so proud and excited! I read the newspaper with my mom and then I took it to grandma and grandpa’s house and they read the newspaper and grandma made a copy and then my dad read the newspaper. Everybody was talking about it at swim practice Monday morning. So this year it is my turn and it is fun!

On Monday I got up at 5:00 to swim then I practiced violin and made 10 pot holders. I worked on my Senior Project paper work with my mom. Then we went cross-country skiing. I fell down and I got back up all by myself. Then we went to Joseph’s Coat and my mom bought me a button for my new hat. It’s cute. Then I read The Hobbit with my mom. It was a crazy fast day! The one thing I wanted to do was to read The Hobbit and we did! The one thing my mom wanted to do was to go skiing and we did! And then I went to bed early: 6:30!

And this . . . from mom . . .

I knew the senior recognition was coming and I knew the KPAX interview was coming; I just didn’t want them to come—somehow block them out or cut me out of the picture. Saturday morning I read a very meaningful blog from Morielle in China wondering about her future and of course, I immediately transferred her thoughts to my worries about Mathalia’s future after high school: all the concerns packed into my little brain AND this being her last high school swim meet in Missoula, AND wishing they could do the T.V. interview without me. Hah! So the simple prayer from James, may we do the right thing and may you use Mathalia and her story as it goes to a wider audience.

Interestingly, the KPAX reporter asked me about her disability: what is her disability? Huh? I don’t know . . . yes, I have to fill in paperwork about her disability but I rarely talk about it: it is written on her face. So maybe I said something like: Down Syndrome, Cognitive Delay, low-muscle tone, speech issues, impairment? not sure what I said.

Then he asked me about her name! Wow! Okay, dear Lord, here you are working: `it took three months; we wanted something meaningful for her. Athalia means the LORD has shown His strength . . . through her weakness. This certainly has been the case and can be seen clearly with her presence on the team.’ So far, so good until he asked me about my thoughts regarding the cheers and response from the crowd irrespective of team loyalties. . . . well, you know, silly mom.

Anyway, I’m not done with the story: another example of how very very present I have been experiencing my Heavenly Father this year: Sunday morning reading the Old Testament Lectionary Reading for the second Sunday after The Epiphany, Isaiah 62

. . . and you shall be called by a new name that the mouth of the LORD shall give.

You shall be a crown of beauty in the hand of your God.

You shall no more be termed Forsaken,/Disability

     and your land no more be termed Desolate/cognitive delay

but you shall be called My Delight Is in Her and your land Married;

       for the LORD delights in you . . .

as the bridegroom rejoices over the bride,

           so shall your God rejoice over you.

So present, so very very present. My mind was filled with unpleasant labels and misgivings about not being able to keep my composure in front of the camera. And thinking, wondering about Mathalia’s future. Yes, this is her Senior Year and it is a lot of fun and very exciting but after this, then what? She has a disability very much so. My heart is worried and troubled about many things. AND he knew this and he prepared a reading for me, just for ME because we did not read that passage in church. Mathalia shall be called `My Delight Is in Her’ and the Lord delights in her and her God shall rejoice over her. No need for me to be anxious and trouble. He has got Mathalia covered in his wings. So well primed my tears that you can imagine what happened in church when we sang the line: He lives to calm trouble hearts in I know that My Redeemer Lives and when my pastor read the newspaper article in the adult Sunday school class. I am a complete basket-case this year AND Mathalia takes it all in stride: `2013 is my turn.’ Surrounded by ten thousand gifts and I am worried and troubled about many things. silly mom.

May I be given the power to enjoy them; the power to see and enjoy is also a gift of God. Ecclesiastes chapter 5 🙂

Happy New Year

My New Year’s Day:  well, I need to start talking about my New Year’s Eve.  I went swimming with my high school team in the morning and then I ate lunch at home.  I wanted to stay home and relax but grandma wanted me to come over and try on clothes so that she could alter them to fit me better.  I really did not want to go but my mom said that we could `be quick’ and then go to the library and then go home and relax.  So I changed my mind:  I tried on all my new clothes and some of my old clothes so that grandma could look at them and pin them up because sometimes the sleeves and pant legs are too long and my grandma thinks I look sloppy.

We stopped by the library but they were closed so we went home!  My special thing for New Year’s Eve was reading The Hobbit with my mom!  I went to bed early but before I did, I changed my mom’s calendar to January.  I hope she was surprised in the morning when she got up.  It was my way of saying `Happy New Year, mom. I love you. It’s going to be a great year!’

And in the morning it was 2013!  I was so excited because this is my year to graduate.  It is finally my turn.  First Morielle in 2008; then Matthan in 2010; and Morielle again in 2012; Finally this year it is my turn. Happy New Year everyone! I am so excited because this is my year.

Grandma had invited us over for New Year’s Day dinner but I wanted to stay home AND my mom did not try to change my mind! I watched The Rose Bowl Parade on the computer because the T.V. didn’t work.  I worked on locker-hooking while I was watching and my mom was helping me.  After lunch we warped my new loom together.  First I threaded the threads through the reed—-every other hole; then through the heddles:  first heddle, second heddle, third heddle and fourth heddle and again and again and again until we had all 126 threads through the little heddles.   It was hard to keep my eyes on the little threads and the little holes but I helped my mom finish the whole thing.  She was very proud of me!

Bye for now and Happy 2013!

working on the loom in the attic

working on the loom in the attic

threading the heddles with my hook

threading the heddles with my hook


weaving rugs on my newly warped loom