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Holiday Art Fair Fun

I missed school last week because of the U-C Holiday Art Fair. It was fun! I had my booth selling my pot holders and my new products that I am learning to make for my Senior Project.  This was all very fun but my favorite part was “Kidz Rule” which was the vender across the aisle from my booth. `Do you know how tall you are?’ the man would ask all the kids. Then he would turn them around and they would back up against the very tall ruler and he would measure them and tell them how tall they were. I was working on my pot holders and my locker hooking trivets but I would always take a break to watch the nice man measure all the kids. Then at the end of the day, guess what?! He measured me!!  I was so excited: `Do you know how tall you are Mathalia?’ Well, of course, I didn’t say anything.   I stood right up, turned around, backed up against the ruler and he measured me!  It was fun. And then he said, that if I had a good night’s rest and ate my Cheerios, he would measure me again in the morning to see if I had grown. And guess what?  On Saturday morning he measured me again and I had grown two inches!  The friend next door said,  `I want to eat some of Mathalia’s Cheerios!’

Anyway, Kidz Rule was the most fun part of the Art Fair but I also liked to see friends and I liked to sell my pot holders.  My mom was excited to see that lots of people liked my new products:   my locker-hooking trivets and my woven rugs. My mom took pictures of my customers so that we can show my happy customers in my Senior Project Presentation.

On Saturday we packed up the stuff and went home. Last year I only had 3 green pot holders to pack up but this year I had a lot more pot holders left over. Still it was fun. My mom was very tired and suggested that we skip the Symphony that evening. I said, `NO WAY!’ And it is a good thing that we went because they played The Nutcracker March and Three Moravian Carols which I know from Orchestra. During intermission they had a funny contest asking people to vote for the encore.  I had some money in my purse so I could vote:  I voted for Silent Night but The Hallelujah Chorus won. It was a wonderful evening and I am so glad that we went.  It turned out to be just fine for my mom, too:  she was wide awake the whole concert because she was sitting next to an annoying man who was drinking a bottle of wine and sharing it with his friends. . . . See it all worked out—we were able to fit everything into our weekend: the Art Fair and the Symphony!

On Sunday I tried one more trick on my mom but this time it did not work out in my favor:

In the afternoon, we had a two-hour rehearsal for the Christmas Eve Service at church.  Rehearsal went  just fine but after that I wanted to go the Preschool Christmas Program.  My mom had said, `No, We can’t go to the Preschool Christmas Program because we have to go home to rest and relax.’  Well, after the rehearsal—while she was cleaning up the snack— I went into the nave and sat with friends thinking that she would not find me and that I could just sneak the Preschool Program into our afternoon and she would never find out!  Well, when she was ready to go, she couldn’t find me. Hah! She looked downstairs; she looked in the bathrooms; she looked in the car.  Then she looked at the coat rack—-my coat was still there.  Betrayed by a coat!  `Ah Hah,’ she thought,  `Mathalia wants to see the Preschool Program.’ And that is when she found me sitting in the nave with friends.    😦 I went with her but I didn’t want to go with her.  I got in the car but I didn’t put my coat on until we were almost home because I was very disappointed:  `Preschool Christmas Program can’t go.’  My mom said that maybe we could go next year.  I will hold her to it!