Mathalia loves the limelight much more than the competitive aspect of swimming. Throughout her races, she’s always smiling and looking at the people who are cheering her on.

One thought on “Swimming

  1. Hi Matalia, I have been wanting to get on your blog ever since reading the article in the Missoulian about you and how everyone clapped and cheered after your swim at a recent meet.
    Even though your Grandma gave me the “address” I did something wrong (you are much more technical than I am!!!) and wasn’t able to get it. So, thank you for sending me the new blog just now. I have looked through it all and especially love all the photos! You and Ian were a very handsome couple at your Prom and your hair looked just PERFECT that day!! My husband, Pete, is going on the trip to Guatemala with your Grandpa, Uncle Jeff and Chester. I have to fly to Seattle so that my sister can take care of me as I had foot surgery a month ago and am hobbling around in a big boot which must stay on!!! It’s a bit awkward so I really can’t be home alone for 12 days.
    Keep up the blog – it’s great!!! Love from Grandma’s friend, Gingy (the one who always snaps her finger at you 🙂 P.S. Say hi to your Mom for me!!

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