Found Morielle!

I catch bus!  I go to train station. Mom and Uncle Jeff buy train tickets.  I sleep in train station.  I eat breakfast at McDonald’s:  Egg McMuffin!  I go on train.  I work word search with Uncle Jeff.  Train is all done! I find Morielle!  She looks funny.  Silly wig!  We go to the party.  I like music and play present game.


Morielle finds the chocolate in the suitcase full of treasures!

Fly to Morielle!

Dad picks up and takes us to the airport! Goodbye Dad, Grandma and Grandpa. We are off to visit Morielle with Uncle Jeff. In Dallas I eat scrambled eggs and bacon and strawberries. Mom sneaks some peanut butter. Hah! Not much peanut butter in China. I watched Frozen, Mama Mia, La-la Land and Into the Woods.

Very old suitcase full of treasures for Morielle: peanut butter, coffee, cheese and chocolate!

American Airlines: living the dream!

Follow Uncle Jeff: he knows the `stand-by’ tricks.










We got boarding passes sitting together!







Very fun airplane slippers.







Up and over the top of the world!




At the gym I jumped rope. We used gloves and balls at the gym at the Rec Center at the University. I stretch on a yoga mat and do jump rope with Kelsey. I am excited for next time. I like Ball most. I like gloves, hop ladder, to make me stronger. The music is good.


Mathalia wear gloves. I like Kickboxing gloves. I exercise hard music.

I catch bus bus 1 with mom.

I go to the Kickboxing with Kelsey again on Friday. I can’t wait.

Walls Go Up 2015!

Tuesday morning the cement was all dry! We could stand on it. Brandon had circle-up morning talk on the new cement.  It looked beautiful. Because we were so fast on Monday we already had some walls ready to go onto the cement.  I helped carry the walls to the house.  And then we held them in place while Brandon made sure they were straight before they were firmly placed.  Then I helped Uncle Jonathan measure the boards for the siding.  And I helped carry the siding to the house 4′ long pieces and 8′ long pieces.  I also showed my new friends how to make pot holders.  And we played Memory together.  At the end of the day when there was not much to do, I watched Heather make very cool wooden animals for the kids to play with.  She cut little pieces from scrap boards and then nailed the pieces together and then drew faces and spots and things on the animals.  They looked real:  cows, sheep, ducks, dogs.  It was funny.  I took a photo.

Special Olympics: State Games 2015

Special Olympics State Summer Games 2015 were in my city this year. It was exciting. The fun started on Tuesday with BBQ at Osprey Stadium hang out with friends, listen to Oula music take photos, watch torch run.

On Wednesday I did fun things with Mom at U-M. There was drumming — I said ”No drum.” My Mom tried to help me change my mind, ” ”No drum”. So she tried drumming – – which was very funny. She has no rhythm. I took photos but no drum for Mathalia.

Then I saw FFA friends. I saw goats! I was thinking about Kanga.  I was excited to hold a goat and remember Kanga   and my lamb. Domino FFA is all done. I am an adult. I still like all the animals.

I try hula hoop. It was funny. I find free stuff cute hat, toys, sunscreen, Chapstick. I see Yellow stone animals and photos.

I go to BBQ at U-M hamburger, chips, fruit, water. I go to opening Ceremonies. I line up with friends. I hang out with Maddie and Michael. They hang out a fancy lights to wave around. I go into Adam’s Center. Little girls hold purple scarf with music and dancing. And there was fire with Olympic Torch. We sang the Star Spangled Banner. We listen music and talking. I wave my light around. It was pretty fun!

Thursday morning I go to the Grizzly Pool. I hang out with friends. Sheri and Tina. I am so excited. I was so excited I did not want to eat lunch. But then I got hungry and I changed my mind. I eat lunch at Grizzly Pool. I swim two races. I win two medals sliver and bronze. I swim 50 free and 100 free. I see lots of friends MAC friends, Hell gate

friends, Adult Coached Swim friends, life guard friends, YMCA friends, Church friends. It was really fun!

Swimming was all done! I changed my clothes. I want drumming. I changed my mind but drumming was all gone. I missed it! Disappointed.

At home I changed my clothes for dinner and dance! Dinner was so delicious.  Grandma friend made dinner fruit salad, corn, pulled pork, dessert. Yum!

I go to the dance with friends. I was faster than Mom. I found dancing all by myself. I never took a break – – no photos with miss Montana or miss Rodeo Montana, no Carnival games. I danced 2 hours until it was all done!

It was so fun! Friday I was little bit late for Opening Ceremonies. I heard Star Spangled Banner while we were riding the tandem.  I hang out with friends. I say ‘ Good luck ” have fun. I got my goodie bag. I say ‘good bye’ and I went to my Pilates class. Special Olympics is all done!

Cement Day

Monday morning we worked hard to make the dirt level. And we cut and nailed the boards for foundation frame. Uncle Jonathan said, ”let’s pour before lunch.” So we laid the rebar, ate a snack, and drank water. Brandon asked for volunteers on the cement mixers: Bremen and Noah. We worked hard. I was on sand team with mom.

After sand team was all done. I wait for lunch.

After lunch we made some walls. I help carry boards. Load up cement supplies into Brandon’s truck. We load our bus.

Dinner was tortillas, chicken and corn. Delicious.

Guatemala Again!

I pack my stuff for Guatemala: work pants, work shirts, work shoes. I say ”Good bye” to Dad at airport. I fly in the airplane. I sleep on airplane. I woke up in Guatemala. I show passport.  And then I wait.  I go to the coffee shop from last year. Mom buys some coffee.  I wait for the bathroom.  I remember no toilet paper in the toilet.  I see old friends at the coffee shop.  I give pictures from last year.  I listen to Oula music at the coffee shop. I make new friends at the coffee shop.  I make and share pot holders again. I wait for Aunt Laura, Uncle Jonathan Schyler, Olivia and Bremen.  It is fun and I am tired.  I take a nap.



I ride the bus.  We drive through Guatemala City. I take a nap. I look out the window.  I see Guatemala again!  It is fun.  Bus gets to San Raymundo.  The bus takes us to Bomenera. I remember Bomenera from two years ago.  It is the same.  It is different. It is bigger and improved. I see Old friends. I see swimming pool. I see my friends, the cooks again!  I find my room. I unpack my stuff and get ready for Monday, cement day.  Aunt Laura has a meeting.  She tells all the rules for Guatemala:  NO toilet paper in the toilets. Hah! I know this rule!  Cooks make us delicious dinner. It is fun to be in Guatemala again. Uncle Jonathan has a meeting:  I am excited about cement day; I am scared that I will get sick.  I go to the bed.  I am tired—not much sleep on airplane.



Monday morning I get up early–6:00.  Breakfast is at 6:30 and on the bus by 7:00.  Well, a little bit late. They had to wait for me but I tried to be quick! We ride on bus. We go to a new family. We unload Brandon’s truck. I help carry tools. I am excited. I am looking for Heather and Brandon. We have circle-up with Heather and meet our family. We have a plan for the day: prepare foundation and then pour cement.  Uncle Jonathan wants to pour before lunch!  Wow! We have to work fast! I help with organize supplies and get ready for cement.


Matthan’s Last Day

We had four days with Matthan in The Netherlands. The last day was a lazy relaxing time in the cottage: Mom wanted to take a family photo because we were all together. It was closed or silly faces or things sticking out of Matthan’s head. Finally Mom was happy with photo and then we could eat lunch.


After lunch we went to the Windmill Museum but it was closed. I was disappointed. It was okay. We had fun. We took silly photos. Morielle posted on Facebook and tagged me. So that my friends could see that I was in The Netherlands.


We went to Oma’s house for delicious dinner and ‘good bye’ for Matthan. At the cottage. Dad and Matthan and Morielle go to the airport. I and Mom go to bed.


In the morning Matthan was not there! I was so sad. Mom said, ”Let’s give thanks for four days.”

Breakfast without Matthan.

Breakfast without Matthan.

Day at the Bazaar

January 3 we took a quiet rest day at our cottage in the morning. I work on feelings notebook. I find laundry to take to Oma’s house.


Before lunch we go to the Bazaar. It is lots of fun. I listen to Oula music. I take lots of photos. Morielle is silly. And then matthan is silly.

And then Mathalia is silly. Morielle found shoes to try on. Then she found a funny wig. Matthan tried the wig too. I found crazy glasses and I took a selfie.



We find a place to eat lunch. Matthan talks his new language. It is funny. He talked funny. I did not understand. But lunch was delicious.

He must have said it correctly.

It was rainy windy winter day in The Netherlands. My mom wanted a photo with a fake cow and a real canal in The Netherlands. Silly Mom.



Mathalia’s Dutch Photo



We go to the shopping. I stay in the car with Morielle. Morielle is tired. I am silly. Matthan buys food for supper.


Mathalia is silly


We surprised Oma: we came for supper and Matthan is cooking!  It was funny. Oma thought it was a good idea. She made healthy french fries. Matthan made chicken. It was fun! It was a very nice day at the Bazaar for lunch and at Oma’s house for dinner.